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Digestives $5.00 Digestives: the world's best cookie.
Cadbury Fingers (5oz pack) $6.00 Strongly suggest dipping in tea.
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (single roll) $2.40 Sugar coated fruit chews. Good luck stopping once started.
Galaxy Minstrels (small pack) $2.00 'Smooth and creamy milk Galaxy chocolate encased in an irresistibly crunchy shell'. Yep.
Holiday Essentials: QUALITY STREET! $22.00 Are they amazing? Are they a bit gross?  ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE! A CLASSIC!!
  Crunchie Rocks $3.50 honeycomb heaven. have you tried these??? Read more
Maltesers $3.50 Like a malt ball from heaven!
Terrys Choc Orange Milk (single) $9.50 The stocking suffer supreme.
Smarties (single tube) $7.50 Set out and distribute like nuts (except these will actually be eaten).
  Bendricks Bitter Mints $12.50 For my mother, they're her favorite. The most sophisticated mint chocolate, like After Eights on steroids! Read more
Celebrations (15oz bucket) $13.00 All the UK classics in a handy 14oz holder - movie night anyone?
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut (12oz bar) $7.50 The sophisticated grown up choice - you've earned it.
Ritter Hazelnut Bars $3.50 Keep it in the fridge!!! So so good!!