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Three Wedding Guest Looks for Spring!!

May 15, 2018

As a wedding photographer, I always really enjoy seeing what the guests wear to the wedding — obviously the bride is the star, but I think it’s a really fun occasion to dress up and for everybody to feel their best together!  We’re attending two weddings as guests this summer and I am already plotting away.   Of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off a few teaser pieces from our favorite local store, Hampden.   This first pink number is so floaty and etherial — it’s so comfortable and really fun to wear; if you have to attend a black tie event this spring/summer,  I highly recommend!

I especially love that the cutout back back makes the piece feel more womanly and flirty, and the waist band really pulls you in so that you have a defined waist.

This next look would be really fun for a lunch or more casual wedding.  I love how it feels preppy English 70’s and was so easy to wear.  A fitted top and a flair skirt is such a flattering combination in my opinion; this is an instant feel good outfit and I would wear the pieces separately a lot, too:

Last but not least is this little Zimmermann dress which is universally fantastic and could be worn to a number of events.   Wrap dresses are a staple for me, and even though this one felt shorter, it didn’t feel uncomfortably so at any point because the bottom is so flowy rather than tight/fitted.   I really felt great in all three of these and have linked to a few more options below!  xxx

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Mother’s Day Pressies !!!!!!!

May 3, 2018

I have always loved celebrating my mother on Mother’s Day.   She is my best friend and while I want her to feel spoiled and seen every day, I have made the effort to mark the occasion since I was little.  One year when I was about six I decided to hide her nail scissors and then wrap them up and give them back to her.  Another year I made her a pie (I ate all the crust before I gave it to her though so she wasn’t too pleased with me).   One year I made her a doll out of straw.   Luckily, as I have grown up, my resources have also grown and I have been able to make up those early years with lots of pampering treats, from baskets of beauty products to beautiful coffee table books and of course, lots of flowers.

Our most memorable mother’s day (in my opinion) was right after college.  I had moved back into my mother’s apartment for 8 months before moving to California and of course once I crossed the country, I missed her SO much.   When I couldn’t stand it any longer,  I decided on a whim to take the redeye back to New York for the holiday weekend, a complete surprise to her.  I remember knocking on the door at 7 AM and really scaring her — she was SO shocked to see me standing there, she burst into tears.  I haven’t seen her cry very much in my life.  It was very special.  We ended up playing tourist in our own neighborhood, walking through the park and having lunch on the sunny sidewalk outside a café.

This is my second mother’s day and if you ask me, last year’s didn’t really count.  I had just finished a destination wedding and was so exhausted, I ended up sleeping most of the day.   It’s not to say that both Will and my mother didn’t spoil me, they did, they were amazing but, it will be really fun and exciting to wake up with our son this year and to feel energized.

I think of mother’s day as an occasion which is really just about “resting” “pampering” and spending time with your littles, or your mother, and if you’re lucky, both!  Sadly though, I decided to write a post about fun present  recommendations and I really just want everything now so…. WILL… IF YOU’RE READING THIS, here are presents for each side of my personality:


I really love everything here.   HIGH CAMP GARDENIAS are a must!  They are the most amazing present (seen left) and are much better suited to perfuming your house vs. sitting on the table but I adore them….

 This Maria Christofilis Fleur 09 candle is INCREDIBLE and so perfect for summer nights.  Candles are my #1 and this one is to die, really.  Next, you guys know that I am a fan of India Amory block prints and these cocktail napkins are a no-brainer and a great intro to the brand.  Over The Moon just launched product and I have included both this divine scrapbook (perfect for a new mom) and the stationary.   Matilda Goad pastel beeswax candles — how can I describe my love for thee?? I spend way too much time filling my cart with these beauties.  And the beaded bag was an irresistible compliment to the color scheme and conveniently is sitting in my shopping cart…Will..


I love the idea of filling up a toiletry bag with pampering goodies to deliver to a mama in the morning.   Let’s see…this toiletry bag is a MUST, the overnight cream I am dying to try, love a good cami, my favorite soaps (also love this rose  one) and this clean beauty highlighter is my every day go-to.  Last, the lavender body oil for the bottle alone is a YES PLEASE!


Alright I am a sucker for “resort wear”.    Both of these hats are classics.  Here is the pink, and the larger frayed.   I live in sarongs in the summertime, love a gold necklace, these hart earrings are super sultry pink/brown and the round bag I might have already purchased…so HMD, self!   Hope that you guys like these things too!!!!!! AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY IN A WEEK + TO ALL! XX

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Joyful Easter Table

March 30, 2018

We love celebrating the Easter weekend.    We aren’t particularly religious but it is always a time that reminds me of family and it’s a holiday that my mother did such a phenomenal job of marking, even through college she would send me some Easter treats (and this is saying something as she’s not the most organized mom — in a good way!).     This year, we’re excited to prepare an Easter basket for our little Boy with a big rabbit stuffed animal and some eggs with dried fruit in them; boring I know but, we’re trying to hold off of lots of sweeties for now, he’s only 20 months!   We’re spending the day with our great friends which I know will be a lovely treat.   To kick off the weekend festivities, we held a little Easter-inspired dinner at home, full of fresh spring flowers and lots of beautiful brown farm eggs as decoration.

I love these placemats,  a great friend forwarded them to me a few weeks ago — she knows me so well!   Between the colorful pattern and the flowers, I decided that the table was busy enough and decided to keep it clean with a crisp white linen tablecloth, freshly pressed napkins, etched glass and crystal.

I rarely stack a napkin on a plate (I favor the old fashioned triangle under the fork method when at home) but I thought it added a nice layer here, particularly with these delicate blue flowers on top.   It also made our white plates feel more special.  I picked up this skirt today and LOVE it — I had been eyeing it for sometime and will reveal more ways to wear shortly, I can already think of a lot of opportunities for it to come in handy…

We’re so thrilled that Spring has finally arrived, I think we have been holding our breath getting through the last dregs of winter here and suddenly the city is in bloom.   I hope that everybody has a lovely, joy-filled weekend with friends and family, more soon. xx

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Highlights of 2017!

January 8, 2018

I know I am a bit behind the ball getting this highlights of 2017 post out so late; truth is, I didn’t think to sum up our past year because we have been busy planning for 2018.  I so loved reading everybody else’s round-ups though, and I thought it might be fun to share some of our highlights and unseen footage from this past year, particularly as this year was our first on the blog and it’s great to see a bit of an evolution and review all the types of topics we covered !

We kicked off the year at Palmetto Bluff (just a few hours south of us) with our new friends who had just moved to town!  It was amazingly warm in January and such fun to cruise around on bicycles and explore.

I didn’t launch this blog until April but before then, I released a series of Fine Art Photographs.  We started with a series of flower studies in pinks and peaches and were blown away by the response. 

We enjoyed lots of warm weather earlier in the year, and were lucky to spend much of our winter outside in beautiful balmy air and sunshine.  Charleston in the spring is my absolute favorite, there’s always something in bloom!

We headed to Harbour Island to create our second Fine Art series in March.  We stayed at the Ocean View Club (which we loved and hope to head back to this spring).

We introduced lots of topics on the blog:  gardening, DIY, and photography tutorials to name a few…

In late May, we headed to France via NYC for the entire month, it was divine and most of my favorite photographs from the year were taken in this period…

Back to the States in July (and for my 30th!)  — we headed to Napa twice for wedding season….

Most of July was spent beating the heat at home.   We added this screened in porch last fall and were so grateful for it.  We spend the majority of our time out here, from breakfast to long cozy dinners.

And then we were off to Marth’s Vineyard and St. Barths in August.

Home just in time for a bit of fall weather and of course, lots of holiday decorating!

We headed to Portland, Oregon briefly for a family wedding — what a beautiful city!! We absolutely LOVED it there!

And back home to rev up for the holidays.   We were particularly proud of our trunk show at Hampden — some of our pieces are still up!

xoxo Hope you enjoyed seeing our highlights of 2017! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

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December 8, 2017

I am so excited to release this project that we worked on with Stacy from Hampden Clothing.  I had been thinking about posting about my favorite holiday looks on the blog when I decided to turn to expert stylist Stacy (owner of) Hampden Clothing here in Charleston.  I admire Stacy’s ability to dress women.  She understands female shape, clothing cuts and personalities.  Everything that she put aside for me fit well.  I have watched her do this time and time again for friends here in town.   She is an amazing stylist and can even do it from afar!  I recently was lucky enough to peek into her process and to see that she can send whole boxes of clothes to customers in other states with PDFs of how to wear them — pretty spectacular!!  Enjoy the movie and see the looks broken down below! xx

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing
Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden Clothing

Holiday looks with Hampden ClothingHoliday looks with Hampden Clothing

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Join Me in New York December 12th!

December 5, 2017

We’re off to New York next week to host a Holiday Decorating Workshop and Wreath Giveaway with The Mine and Erin Swift from Holiday Workroom, we would love for you to join us!!  The details are at the end of the post but the first 50 people to RSVP will also take home a free wreath which is always fun.  I love Erin’s style, she’s going to be guiding through how to decorate for the upcoming season.  We’ve taken our first whack at preparing the house for the holidays below but I’m sure we will learn a lot!  I would be so thrilled to see all of you there 🙂

Thank you to my dear friend (and professional florist) Anne for making me look good by giving me this wreath — made from scratch mind you!  It’s pretty amazing.  I couldn’t help but pick up these beautiful peachy poinsettias for the front which are a lovely departure from bright red (which I also love but these plants are quite durable so these will last nicely and suit the new year).   Last but not least, I am in love LOVE with my new jeans which I picked up from Hampden today.  It’s a brand they just started to carry and they are SO comfortable (I need high rise).  I sized up from a 27 to a 28 because there is no stretch…really thrilled about them!

Join us at The Mine Pop Up at Lowe’s Chelsea (19th street and 6th avenue) at 5pm — the first 50 people to RSVP will win a free wreath!  RSVP to [email protected] — can’t wait to see you xx


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