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Thanksgiving: Cook VS. Buy

November 22, 2020

To Cook vs Buy

This is just a quick note to say that it’s completely acceptable to supplement your cooking efforts with ordering in!!! I know you know this but it can be tempting to take on the whole meal. I do this kind of thing often, in fact we kicked of New Years Day this year (2020) by inviting over six couples for a french themed lunch and I attempted to make six things I had never cooked before all before 1 PM. It was hilarious, our guests were high spirited and along for the ride, Will drank so much from the stress he passed out, I was pregnant and we had a fabulous time.

It doesn’t always work out this way: my first dinner party for twelve began in a cloud of smoke and the fire department arrived at the same time as our first set of guests.

Having said this, “If not now then when?” is a philosophy that we have been toying with since the breakout of the pandemic. What better time to home these skills and inject some home spun magic just when we all need a pick-me-up.

This is a judgement free zone. Time is precious and no need to spend it all in the kitchen. Also, what a joy to support your local restaurants and vendors during this challenging time.

It’s harder to “roll with it” in 2020 when it’s a debate every time one steps into the shops. If setting the scene and the table is enough for you this year and you’re prefer to order in by all means, do it! If you want to cook the turkey and pick up the pies, do you!! It’s truly a matter of comfort and whatever makes you feel your best right now.

Some obvious ones would be: ordering bread rolls (parker house), desserts, flowers, and the turkey. Mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, whip cream and stuffing are all relatively easy. Cheers!