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Silly Dinner Party Games!

November 20, 2020

Center: wearing one of my favorite new dinner party dresses, see here! Fits like a glove. xx 

I love spending time with my extended family because it’s always a riot.   We stay up late, we sing, we dance, and we play lots and lots of silly games which make us laugh until our tummies ache or someone inevitably wets their pants.   It’s lively and it’s so full of love.  My childhood was spent staying up late for these special occasions, cozied up in the winter and dancing under the stars in summer.   It’s no wonder I have such a deep love for entertaining friends, and for keeping it light, amusing, unfussy and totally relaxed.    Will and I often play cards together over dinner when it’s just the two of us, but when it’s a larger group, there are a few go-to games that I love to play (besides the obvious cards against humanity, etc.).

One of my most memorable was the Christmas we tried to play murder mystery.    The idea was that everyone had a separate instructions about who they had to “off” and it had to involve being in a specific place with a specific weapon while simultaneously tapping your victim.   An example would be:  have three towels in the garden (freezing garden) with Auntie Leslie, or a lightbulb in the shower with cousin Tommy, the more random the better.   I got very overexcited and decided that I was going to win (this game was due to take place over the course of the entire week).    Those of you who know me might have guessed correctly that I blew my cover in the first night due to sheer over excitement and trying to force my uncle into the garage mid-dinner party.  Busted.  I was then handed a lightbulb at dessert and was “out”.  Bummer.  But! It’s a game that I am anxious to play again and think it would be really fun to pre-assign guests for a larger party.

Next we have some easier games to throw together.   My aunt Leslie is the QUEEN of the after dinner game, and loves playing this a grown up version of beer pong:  two teams on opposite sides (girls vs boys is fun).  Fill the glasses (no stems) with wine.  Each team has a ping pong ball — bounce into the glass and once it gets there you down the glass and pass the ball…. she adds, “we girls always win!” and I have to say I believe it to be true.

Pass the orange is another one where you divide into two sides and try to pass an orange all the way down your side — the only trick is that you can’t use your arms and that it can’t touch the floor, if it does you’re out.

And of course name that tune, charades and celebrity are still classics.   When in doubt, the family all puts on silly hats which seems to freshen things up.

Now it’s time to hear from you!  What’s your favorite dinner party game??? xxx