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June 10, 2021

One of my favorite ways to shake up the routine and to make the most out of these balmy summer nights. We discovered the magic of movie night last fall and it’s even sweeter in the summer. String lights, lanterns, an extra table with flowers and snacks (in this case, chips and guacamole), some tiki torches, a tarp, cozy pillows and blankets are all you need to create a space worthy of a back to back movie marathon!

We made this teepee out of three large logs in the garden tied together at the top and a painter’s cloth! Wrapping LED string lights around the polls makes it feel even more magical. It was such a windy night, we secured the TV screen to teh teepee and managed to keep everything upright. It definitely has to be dark in order to fully enjoy the film on the screen but the preparation in the early evening hours is at least half the fun!