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Really Easy Valentine’s Ideas for Children!

February 6, 2020

This has got to be one of the most fun blog posts we have ever pulled together!! I don’t think I have ever told you guys this but my first “business” when I was a teenager was setting up birthday parties for littles! It started with my sister who is 13 years younger than I am. My step mother assigned me the task of planning her first birthday party (where she ate a cupcake in ONE swallow — go Mia), and the tradition carried from there. I LOVED it and each year the parties became more elaborate and festive. I eventually moved on to friends and neighbors and that’s where my love for setting beautiful tables began!

We have a fabulous, packed party store in Charleston which I always comb my way through before every celebration. I recently discovered THE BEST brand there called Meri Meri — it’s an English company full of whimsy and play and I absolutely ADORE everything that they make. They fill my heart with the same wonder of childhood and of course, it is my greatest pleasure as a parent to pass this down to our son and his friends.

We held a pre-Valentines day party in celebration of our discovery and filled the back porch with balloons, confetti, desserts, sparkling candles and iridescent decorations — needless to say, it was highly amusing and pure joy to watch how happy it made these guys.

Everything on the table is Meri Meri: from the eco-friendly scalloped plates which also come in such a pretty shade of blue and mint green, the dipped forks and knives, the tablecloth, the sparkly candles, heart confetti, (which was gleefully tossed up in the air by the children), cupcake toppers and piñata… it is one stop shopping sure to please all ages for any festive occasion!

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