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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Table

February 12, 2018

I loved pulling this setting together so much!  It’s a combination of my favorite colors, textures and a blend of beach-y St. Barth’s vibes meets English Countryside (see pillows/tulips/garden stool).    Setting this scene was an afternoon of bliss, I love nothing more than throwing on my music (hello tropical house) and pulling from what I already have in the house.  This might be the most extreme example of that because I used the tiles which just arrived for our kitchen backsplash as the tablecloth, not the most stable support but pretty and fun.

This table is romantic and intimate without having an overwhelming Valentine’s Day theme, a good reminder that you can do just about anything to celebrate.    Of course heading out to dinner is such a fun thing to do and I only offer this as an alternative to those who want it.   It’s easier for us to stay in on a weeknight with the baby; I still think it is important to set up a cozy, special atmosphere to make sure that the moment feels marked.

If it’s a dinner for two, it’s nice to break away from the formality of the dining room table.  Why not set up an inviting table somewhere very cozy where you can kick back with a bottle of champagne, soft pillows and blankets.    It will make the evening feel less stiff/formal which can be a nice way to relax together.

One trick I often use for thinner tables is to use vases of different heights and fill them with the same flower.  This creates the illusion of an elongated arrangement and makes the table feel full without being overwhelming or blocking the view of the other person.   It’s easy to scatter lots of votives of different heights in between and in this case, I added shells just for fun.    In practice, we pulled both plates onto the same side so that we could curl up on the love seat together.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these colors as much as I do — and happy Valentine’s! xx