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October 31, 2020

Halloween used to FREAK. ME. OUT. when I was little. I dreaded it. Rory has LOVED it so far so is already proving a lot more brave than I. And, with this year being so strange with COVID, we wanted to make it feel extra special. I doubt we will have a barn again anytime soon (we are living in a rental) and a few pieces off of amazon — poster board, colored yarn, a smoke machine, some marble balloons, paper bag lanterns and our projector — transformed the barn into the perfect party for a four year old!

This year, we discovered that drills and their various sizes work well for carving LOTS of pumpkins. We made a snake for our steps to kick off spooky season and then repurposed some of the pumpkins in the entrance with the lanterns and spider’s web. I suppose this would be a good time to mention that Will has made Rory’s costume out of something recycled each year of his life and spent halloween eve transforming amazon boxes into this AMAZING plane. I stitched the hat together and glued lots of pillow stuffing to an old onesie for his “cloud” companion.

After Halloween, we took the “friendly” ghosts and hung them up in Rory’s room to extend the spirit of such a fun evening.