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Introducing Toastie Kids: My Favorite Eco-Friendly Brand For Littles

October 29, 2020

First and foremost, this is not sponsored.   All of the sponsored content we do take on, however, is with brands that we already love, admire and support.   More often than not,  I will share something with you just because I adore the brand or the concept and feel the world needs to know;  this is the case with Toastie.

I recently stumbled upon this new-to-me English eco-friendly adventure brand for children and I am besotted.   We need more of this in the world!  Not only are the coats thoughtfully and beautifully put together from recycled plastic  bottles, the premise of the brand is to inspire play, adventure and love for the outdoors — ALL things we are trying to cultivate for our littles… especially after hiding away in our home in Charleston from March – July. 

The tag inside the coat reads “tiny explorer” (be still my heart) and suggests that after your child has grown out of his gear, he passes it down to another tiny explorer.  

I don’t dare paraphrase something already so beautifully said: “At the heart of our brand is the conviction that every child should have the ability to freely explore the wonderful outdoors without being restricted by the clothes they’re dressed in.  We specialise in creating premium outerwear for children with carefully considered design, highest quality fabrics and an engineered fit. Our ethos is to create sustainable, weatherproof clothing for children that is wearable any season.” Nailed it ladies!

I was inspired to collect a flower pressing kit for Rory as one of our nature projects, to stock up on binoculars and found some apps (via my ever curious mom) that can help us learn more about the natural world.  

What Toastie also reminded me of is how important it is to stick to one’s values because in so doing, they have gained a very loyal customer who paid the premium to support vs buying mass market from Zara and their message is wonderful and clear, right down to the lollipop w the seed-bearing compostable stick that comes in all the packages ! Adventure on little ones!