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Quick Trick to Hang Plates (Hint: It’s Easy!)

January 27, 2020

We have plates hanging all over our house! It’s a great way to display treasured collections, and can be an inexpensive ways to fill in your walls. I love the texture they add when mixed with art and photographs, we even have them next to our Frame TV.

My Grandmother was an avid collector and so I have a few of her sets on display in our kitchen and bedroom as well as some we have picked up from the markets in France. Some of our plates are from Pottery Barn. Here are a few sets I would consider hanging.

Getting them up on the wall is really easy, all you need is proper plate hangers from your local Home Depot, Lowes or hardware store — I will say that I size up so that they don’t pull too hard across the back of the plate. If you’re planning to hang a gallery wall of plates I do recommend using the trick of laying them out on scrap paper and measuring first as we have made the mistake of trying to eyeball and then start over many, many times!

Plate hanger on the right!