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Thanksgiving: Meals Around

November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving: Meals Around

Smoked Salmon, Toast & Champagne

This is blurring the lines between Christmas and Thanksgiving but, its the holidays (in a pandemic no less) so who cares!! What’s more satisfying than crusty warm toast after a long walk out in the cold?

This is a family holiday staple — a winning formula for holiday happiness !

Prep TimeCook TimeServes
5 mins5 mins4-6


One Package of smoked salmon

One jar of capers.

One loaf of fresh, crusty bread

One lemon quartered

Salted butter

Black pepper

Fresh dill (option)

One bottle of something bubbly

Leftover Sandwiches

Is this my favorite bit of the whole experience (excluding pot de creme)?

Your reward for all that prep and hard work, all the gathering and mask wearing and sanitizing.. A fridge brimming with the best of everything.

Prep TimeCook TimeServes
3 mins0 mins4-6


Three hefty slices of sharp cheddar cheese

One loaf of the fresh bread mentioned above.

Salad leaves bib or Boston.

Condiments of your choosing – mustard, mayo, hot sauce (be bold!)

Salt and pepper

Thanksgiving leftovers – turkey, stuffing are the best ones !

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