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Date Night: Sullivan’s Island

May 18, 2017

Oh my gosh you guys, Will and I used to come here every. single. night.  Come rain or shine, we walked the beach in winter and swam in the spring and summer.   It was our work break, our ‘out of office’ moment.  Since the baby has been born, we have spent more time exploring our neighborhood and enjoying leisurely bath and bedtime routines at home.  Last night, Will and I went out for a quick date to our favorite Charleston restaurant,…

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Skincare Secret Weapon

May 10, 2017

I had the most wonderful ‘remodeling’ facial last week at Toska European Spa and couldn’t recommend it more highly!   The long, late nights cuddling with baby have been the best thing in the whole world, but have definitely taken a toll on my skin.  What I really loved about this practice is that you can’t sign up for a specific facial.  Instead, the esthetician (in my case, Jennifer, who is absolutely fantastic) customizes the service to suit your needs following a personal…

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