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New Mom Hair Care

July 18, 2017

Everything changed for the better when we had our baby, except for my hair!!  After our baby was born, I shed about nine pounds of hair and it dried up into crispy wires. I have been working hard to restore it to it’s former form and with the help of great friends and great products, it’s coming along.  I’m not totally back to where I’d like to be, but we’re getting closer every week!  I have had to invest, or perhaps I have been driven to because it was highly distressing (I kid but it wasn’t ideal), but I have found that the hair care products I have tested have worked well.  I confess that I’m sort of a lazy beauty girl — I stick to the products that work and I try to keep my routine as quick as possible, I go days without makeup and can never remember to take the vitamins I have stocked up on but, even in my inconsistency, these guys have steered us me in the right hair care direction!

Hair Care Tips For New Moms - Lucy CuneoHair Care Tips For New Moms - Lucy Cuneo

First, I had a great cut and color from my friend Patrick who is the king of hair! His haircut totally changed the shape of my hair and it allows me to air dry for the first time in a long time.  He also taught me not to towel dry my hair so aggressively (gentle pats ladies!).  I use Oribe Gold Lust which comes at a hefty price tag BUT the shampoo lasts FOREVER (because I use so little) and the conditioner is pretty amazing.  I also do a deep conditioning mask pretty often (once a week when I remember) and I mix between homemade (like coconut oil) and kerastase (the opposite of homemade but soooo great).  Patrick also recommended Creed ER to me which I have sitting waiting to try next. I find that switching my shampoo works well if I am trying to make product last, John Freida Frizz Ease from the drug store or treseme or biolage (for just one wash) is ok too!

Hair Care Tips For New Moms - Lucy Cuneo

My friend Julia generously brought me this oil after voicing my concerns over my dryness.   I have gone through three bottles since we met — she is right, she is the expert and I absolutely love it!  I have a bunch of broken and baby hairs near my face (see picture of baby pulling hair) and sometimes I use a very fine layer of clear mascara to brush them aside but often times I just leave them to fly because I forget!Hair Care Tips For New Moms - Lucy Cuneo Hair Care Tips For New Moms - Lucy Cuneo

Last, I am trying to be better about wearing my hair up in clips rather than hair ties (at least when not exercising) to try to minimize breakage as I’m trying to grow out my locks; I’m finding them very useful and pretty and feminine too.  Hope this hair care tutorial helps anyone else going through similar issues while feeding their baby !!! And let me know what has helped you as I am sure I have a lot more to learn!