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Breakfast in the Garden

May 31, 2017

We’ve been sleeping a bit less since we arrived due to the baby’s jetlag.  No biggie — honestly I think it will settle soon, he’s getting closer to his schedule back home and he seems to be really enjoying spending time with his young cousins.  Obviously we all feel very lucky to be here.   I take care of him for most of the night and sleep in the morning and Will takes over around 5 a.m.  which means that he’s in charge of the morning ‘bread run’ to collect croissants and baguette.  I’m hoping that i’ll be sleeping more soon so I can go too and show you how charming the bakery is.  I also was up early with the baby this morning (we’re driving to Italy today so I gave Will the full night) and couldn’t believe the beauty of the peachy pink sunrise so will try to shoot one of those, too!  Regardless, we have been enjoying long, leisurely breakfasts on the terrace or in the garden once I am up!    I have definitely been eating at least one of each croissant — regular and pain au chocolat — and copious amounts of fruit — strawberries, apricots, melon — every morning and it makes for the most delicious way to start the day.

I absolutely love my late grandmother’s collection of plates.  These aren’t in a color palate that I would have naturally gravitated towards but I totally get it and feel like I’m still learning from her as a result.  I like it so much, I am trying to find similar ones to take home.  The plates are a chalky, soft blue/gray and go so well with the dark teal/green glasses and the green painted mugs.   It’s fun and fresh and different and makes setting the table a creative process which I love.  I also think that this palate is very neutral but a bit more brave than plain whites and creams.   Gaga also had a thing for setting the table as I have mentioned and has a lot of different collections here so…. prepare to see more!!

I’m wearing a white one-piece bathing suit — a summer essential.   As a new mom, I really need mine to have a bit of support because the baby is constantly tugging at me and pulling it all over the place and I can’t constantly be re-adjusting.  I pulled this button town cover-up out of my mother’s wardrobe and so have tried to find some similar pieces below. xx