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Caribbean Seas Series: Bedroom Inspiration

September 21, 2017

Some of you might not know that we have a fine art shop!    I have a masters in photography from SCAD, and our regular “job” is photographing weddings, which we absolutely LOVE doing.     Last year, we launched our first fine art series of pink flowers, which did exceptionally well.    These two (here and here) pieces were the most popular and continue to sell regularly…

Off the back of the flowers, we released a few more color profiles, neutrals and hydrangeas.    I particularly love this piece, and this one as well.

I have always ALWAYS loved the beach (I taught sailing in the Caribbean for two summers) and wanted to have pictures of the sea in our home.   We released this Harbor Island series last March, and this St. Barth’s from overhead series in September 2018.    We photographed the St. Barth’s series right before the hurricane hit and devastated the Island, and surrounding Islands, and so for a period of time, we dedicated 100% of the proceeds to hurricane relief.

These pieces are such a fun, fresh way to buy modern, colorful art for your home.   This is the best-seller, and this is my favorite.    Here is a bit of bedroom inspiration!

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