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    Transformative Skincare with Toska Spa

    June 8, 2018

    I have never been particularly fussed about looking after my skin.   Lots of water and exercise always felt like enough to me, and I used a basic organic exfoliating cleanser and almond oil as moisturizer.    This worked well enough for a while but, as I have gotten “older” and particularly after having a baby and getting less sleep, I found that I needed to take some extra preventative steps to minimize forehead wrinkles/the ones between my eyebrows and around my eyes, and to make my skin look brighter and its most healthy.

    I have been working with a great Spa in Charleston to increase the hydration of my skin and to improve areas that have been damaged due to long hours everyday stresses. The results have been really pleasing, and as I have become more knowledgable about the industry and confident on the subject of skincare I have discovered that many women I know with fantastic skin were already using products from the same wonderful range. It’s a well kept secret that I am honestly so glad to know!

    Toska European Spa uses innovative products by the French line, Biologique Recherche, which is incredible for transforming your skin and maximizing its potential.   They have some amazing treatments which stimulate your natural muscles and are an alternative to more invasive procedures.

    The spa takes a highly personal approach with a range of products that can help with all skin types and maladies, and the process begins with a consultation, which you can initiate online.

    My skin was very dry, and the products which I now cannot live without, and see a huge difference when I use, are the Lotion P50 (now I am on the V) and the Creme Dermo-RL. The P50V I apply morning and night when washing my face, and the Creme Dermo-RL I use as a night cream.  The Phase De Soin VIP is my ultimate serum, I apply it as a ‘primer’ before my daily make-up, and it acts a barrier protecting my skin throughout the day. I cannot recommend them and the spa treatments highly enough.

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