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Transformative Skincare with Toska Spa

June 8, 2018

I have never been particularly fussed about looking after my skin.   Lots of water and exercise always felt like enough to me, and I used a basic organic exfoliating cleanser and almond oil as moisturizer.    This worked well enough for a while but, as I have gotten “older” and particularly after having a baby and getting less sleep, I found that I needed to take some extra preventative steps to minimize forehead wrinkles/the ones between my eyebrows and around my eyes, and to make my skin look brighter and its most healthy.

I have been working with a great Spa in Charleston to increase the hydration of my skin and to improve areas that have been damaged due to long hours everyday stresses. The results have been really pleasing, and as I have become more knowledgable about the industry and confident on the subject of skincare I have discovered that many women I know with fantastic skin were already using products from the same wonderful range. It’s a well kept secret that I am honestly so glad to know!

Toska European Spa uses innovative products by the French line, Biologique Recherche, which is incredible for transforming your skin and maximizing its potential.   They have some amazing treatments which stimulate your natural muscles and are an alternative to more invasive procedures.

The spa takes a highly personal approach with a range of products that can help with all skin types and maladies, and the process begins with a consultation, which you can initiate online.

My skin was very dry, and the products which I now cannot live without, and see a huge difference when I use, are the Lotion P50 (now I am on the V) and the Creme Dermo-RL. The P50V I apply morning and night when washing my face, and the Creme Dermo-RL I use as a night cream.  The Phase De Soin VIP is my ultimate serum, I apply it as a ‘primer’ before my daily make-up, and it acts a barrier protecting my skin throughout the day. I cannot recommend them and the spa treatments highly enough.

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Date Night: Sullivan’s Island

May 18, 2017

Oh my gosh you guys, Will and I used to come here every. single. night.  Come rain or shine, we walked the beach in winter and swam in the spring and summer.   It was our work break, our ‘out of office’ moment.  Since the baby has been born, we have spent more time exploring our neighborhood and enjoying leisurely bath and bedtime routines at home.  Last night, Will and I went out for a quick date to our favorite Charleston restaurant, The Obstinate Daughter, on Sullivan’s Island.  We couldn’t resist a quick walk on the beach beforehand to see how the sea temperature was coming.  It was balmy! I cannot WAIT to swim — I would have gone straight in if I had my suit.  Even if it meant wet hair for dinner.  Now that the baby is older, I am sure that we will be spending long summer days here.  But first, France!!

Lucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's IslandLucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's IslandLucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's Island

My lovely friend Julia got this dress for me from Club Monaco.  I love it, it is my favorite color.  I have been super into the ‘off the shoulder’ look since re-watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil a few years ago.  John Cusack’s lady crush wears this amazing off the shoulder top which is so casual and flattering and perfect for the southern humidity (and so feminine).   Right after I watched it, the off the shoulder look came flying back into stores but then I got pregnant and felt that it wasn’t very flattering on me while I was carrying a bump.  I am finally catching up, flattering or not, and I love it.  This dress feels like it could be paired with heels (like here) or sandals, or even thrown over a bathing suit.   It know that I will be wearing it a lot of in France, to the markets and beyond!  The full ruffle doesn’t display well in the wind but it makes me feel great regardless.

Lucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's IslandLucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's IslandLucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's IslandLucy Cuneo Enjoying Sullivan's Island

We are thrilled that the OD now has the full menu outside — do NOT miss the geechie frites if you go! It was so nice to sit outside and linger over a glass of wine, it got me even more excited to chill this summer and enjoy long, tasty lunches and dinners with friends.  xx


Skincare Secret Weapon

May 10, 2017

I had the most wonderful ‘remodeling’ facial last week at Toska European Spa and couldn’t recommend it more highly!   The long, late nights cuddling with baby have been the best thing in the whole world, but have definitely taken a toll on my skin.  What I really loved about this practice is that you can’t sign up for a specific facial.  Instead, the esthetician (in my case, Jennifer, who is absolutely fantastic) customizes the service to suit your needs following a personal assessment.  I have never had such an in depth analysis of my skin and I left positively glowing, so I wanted to share the skincare secret weapon that I discovered there.

Lucy Cuneo In Bathrobe, Sharing her Skincare Secret WeaponLucy Cuneo Skincare Secret Weapon

I was introduced to product by Biologique Recherche, a French line.  Jennifer explained to me that these products are hard to come by, but amazing for those like me, who aren’t necessarily able to look after our skin as diligently as we would wish to all of the time. Biologique Recherche has a range of products that you can turn to after a late night, or sun exposure, that rehydrate, detoxify and protect your skin, getting it back to peak condition faster than you ever thought possible.

Lucy Cuneo In Bathrobe, Sharing her Skincare Secret Weapon

I love how natural the product is, with no artificial fragrances and a high concentration of botanical, marine and biological extracts, this is something that is very important to me. I tried to switch over to all organic skincare and makeup when I was pregnant and this is a line I would happily use at any time.   The skincare secret weapon among this selection is the P50 which is meant to change your skin forever — like natural botox!  I have only been using it for a few days so far, and already  I am seeing a tremendous difference. I can’t wait to show you what it’s like after using the products for 90 days! Stay tuned! xx

Lucy Cuneo In Bathrobe, Sharing her Skincare Secret Weapon

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