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Pretty Fall Planting Inspiration

September 18, 2018

The nurseries on Island are so vast and beautiful, they are worth a visit even if you are not a resident.  Because we have been here for so long, we have been collecting a few potted plants which we feel would thrive here which will be nice for our family who will be filling into the house after we go.    It has been a pleasure to explore what’s in bloom, what might last here compared to the hot and humid Southeast, and just to wander the bountiful aisles of these outdoor, country nurseries.

It is the end of season, and not a huge planting time up on the Vineyard, even compared to New York.   Still, there are lots of flowers which pack a floral fall hue: yellows, oranges, browns and burgundy.    The herb and vegetable greenhouse at this particular nursery is an inspiration, I would definitely wish to have a green house if we move back up to the Northeast and I can’t wait to ready our own little herb planter when we arrive home next week.

I really love how robust and varied these are, they are quite striking in person with the clean green and deep purple variations.   They seem a hearty addition to any chillier fall garden.

This pot of lettuce was the perfect take away!   We have been eating a bowl of salad this large for every dinner here on Island and it is no wonder it is so delicious, all locally grown.

A plaid skirt is perfect for straddling the seasons; it’s still warm enough to feel hot in jeans during the day but not quite summer weather.   This feels very ‘back to school’ and September-appropriate (it is 25% off with the code Lucy25).     I have linked to several others which feel similar at the bottom.   This sweater has been a favorite for years, it’s an old Calypso which is no longer with us but this one feels very similar and is worthwhile as it’s a year after year piece.

Soon all of the leaves will be the color of the photograph above, it’s already heading that way and I cannot wait! Xx

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Quick Visit to Marders Nursery, Bridgehampton

September 7, 2018

We are so thrilled to be out in the Hamptons for a big wedding that we are photographing this weekend.   The client is fantastic and so kind and we are crossing our fingers for continued warm weather.   What a treat it is to be able to stay at my aunt’s home, and to be in such a beautiful place this time of year.   We drove down from Martha’s Vineyard and took four ferries, my favorite was crossing Shelter Island where we stopped for lunch at Marie Eiffel — delicious!

Marders sets the standard of elegance with its nursery and garden shop and is always one of my favorite places to stop while we are here.   There is still a wealth of options for planting this fall before the cold sets in (the roots need six weeks to settle) up here but of course we have an extended season down south.  It made me feel very excited as we are completely re-doing our back garden in Charleston and I love the combinations presented up here.   Here are some photographs from inside the garden store which is jam packed with books, candles, soaps, seeds, children’s toys, and silk flowers:

This time I picked up silk peonies and roses (seen in the first photograph) for our office.    I don’t often opt for flowers that aren’t real but these ones are exceptional and can extend the peony season which is all too short, and are of course far less maintenance for a space which we are very in and out of as we travel so often.   I do wish that I could take home some of these hydrangea trees which are so bountiful:

I am very much hoping to return over Thanksgiving weekend when they turn the barn into a party with live music, cider and cookies — apparently extremely fun for families and I am sure absolutely charming. Xx

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Snaps from an English Garden

June 14, 2018

Just wanted to quickly share a few snaps with you.   We’re in England for the week visiting family and attending a dear friend’s wedding.  We’re heading back to France next week but it is so nice to pop over here, to my husband’s home country where I also have family.

I love England in summer and there is nothing quite like the staggering beauty of an English garden.  Full of roses, peonies, lavender, this one is like a dream.    To step foot in it the first time nearly brought my to tears.

Our son ran around happily all day yesterday alongside the three dogs that live here and it reminded me of how lovely it is to have a big garden to explore when you are little, and how much we would love to have him live a “country life” at least for part of the year.

These yellow roses are even more breathtaking in person and might be my favorite, especially when covered in morning dew.   These were taken at sunset, which is so lovely and late here.   The golden light pours through the vines and it is a sight for sore eyes.

Charleston Garden Home

Planting an Herb Garden

April 27, 2018

I should begin this post by explaining that Will, my husband, is the expert gardener but that I have been keen to learn.     Will built these flower boxes last spring with his father and they have been eagerly awaiting fresh plants since last season’s faded away.     We thought it might be nice to try an herb garden as we are cooking more and don’t always end up finishing our store bought basil, etc.   We planted:  thyme, dill, parsley, mint, lemon balm, basil, rosemary and oregano.   All were a joy to plant, and smell so good!  I have already made two tomato mozzarella salads because the basil is so delicious.

Will generously walked me through the planting process:  preparing the soil (which was quite damp), breaking up the roots, packing the plants and filling in the gaps with dirt, watering and then we added a layer of mulch on top to keep the moisture in and for aesthetics.   One thing that I thought was nice is that I felt it was a very small amount of plants but it filled the planter nicely and the mulch makes up for the gaps between.   In our limited experience, herbs grow really quickly and can expand so I wanted to leave space between.  A lovely reader let me know that mint apparently takes over so I have re-planted it in a separate pot.   Also, this bougainvillea is totally unrelated but was irresistible, so full!

We took the entire porch apart last weekend for a freshen up: sanding, a good scrub and a few coats of paint really made a huge difference — feels like new, just in time for the early summer weather!   See the video below for more step by steps.  And the all white went in the wash quite well 😉 xx !

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Summer Uniform

July 21, 2017

It’s so nice to be home for a little bit.  In the time we were away, it really heated up here and our plants dried out, leaving our front steps feeling somewhat derelict.  We’ve been racing around since we got home and only had the time to do a quick re-plant yesterday.  We’ve been meaning to share some of our favorite Charleston spots in summertime (and will) but had to get our house organized first! I love spending time on the porch in the height of summer; after the sun goes down over the houses across the street, there’s an hour or so of gentle light to spend lounging on the daybed or working on the steps.  Heading to the nursery yesterday reminded me that we have a long, lazy family weekend ahead — the first in a while — and I am so looking forward to it!

On these casual days at home, I like to pull on my trusty pair of jean shorts and a white button down.  It’s easy, comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the baby making a mess on a lovely dress.   I think we’ll be having more of these types of house projects coming up as I have my sights set on finishing up our bedroom, office and screened in porch.  For now though, we’re looking forward to a weekend of beach trips, meals with friends and catching up on some rest.  We’re looking forward to kickstarting a health routine at long last too!

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First Glimpse of France

May 24, 2017

We arrived in France yesterday morning after a red-eye flight from New York.  The baby was amazing on the flight!  Fortunately for us (and less fortunately for Delta), the flight was pretty empty because of bad weather and missed connections.  The flight team was amazing and immediately re-assigned the baby and I to a full row so he managed to sprawl out while I regarded him for the rest of the journey.  I think I did manage to catch a little doze but honestly I was just so excited to get here and get our first glimpse of France.  The morning light was peeking through the window and when I opened the shade, we were soaring over the brightest blue sea with boats jetting across the water; we didn’t see land until we were nearly down — it was mesmerizing.  We could see rows and rows of burnt orange brown and green palm trees on the way to the gate.

White roses in the garden - First Glimpse of FranceOlive branches in a garden - First Glimpse of FranceOrchard in France - First Glimpse of France

We are staying at our family home in the South.  My late Grandmother bought it several years ago and my family has been coming here for many summers.  It’s the most fun when we’re all here together but this time Will and I are here with our son and have invited friends to come stay.   We usually come later in the summer; I have never been here in May and early June.  The terrace is overflowing with the most beautiful roses and nearly ripe lemons — I was amazed, this might be the most beautiful I have ever seen it. Our first glimpse of France this year was simply gorgeous.

French cottage with tables on a patio surrounded by gardens - First Glimpse of FranceLemon tree growing in a French garden - First Glimpse of France A single pink rose in a French garden - First Glimpse of France Pink and white roses on a trellis by a window of a French cottage - First Glimpse of France Light pink roses on a trellis - First Glimpse of France

The smell of the house reminds me so much of my Grandmother and childhood summers here.  It is always quite emotional to come back. I wish I could give these photographs of the house in bloom to her; she was a master of aesthetics and I know that she would have thought yesterday was a little slice of heaven.  The baby crawled all around the terrace, ate ripe strawberries from the market, and we had a little too much rosé with the sun on our back.

Pink roses in a French garden with the sun setting behind - First Glimpse of FranceLavender growing on a pedestal in a French garden - First Glimpse of France Messy baby sitting in his highchair outdoors - First Glimpse of France

I include this last photo of the baby only because I find it so amusing — we all looked a bit like this after our day of travel! xx

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