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Summer Uniform

July 21, 2017

It’s so nice to be home for a little bit.  In the time we were away, it really heated up here and our plants dried out, leaving our front steps feeling somewhat derelict.  We’ve been racing around since we got home and only had the time to do a quick re-plant yesterday.  We’ve been meaning to share some of our favorite Charleston spots in summertime (and will) but had to get our house organized first! I love spending time on the porch in the height of summer; after the sun goes down over the houses across the street, there’s an hour or so of gentle light to spend lounging on the daybed or working on the steps.  Heading to the nursery yesterday reminded me that we have a long, lazy family weekend ahead — the first in a while — and I am so looking forward to it!

On these casual days at home, I like to pull on my trusty pair of jean shorts and a white button down.  It’s easy, comfortable and I don’t have to worry about the baby making a mess on a lovely dress.   I think we’ll be having more of these types of house projects coming up as I have my sights set on finishing up our bedroom, office and screened in porch.  For now though, we’re looking forward to a weekend of beach trips, meals with friends and catching up on some rest.  We’re looking forward to kickstarting a health routine at long last too!