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Collecting Home Martha's Vineyard Style Tables

My Most Popular Instagram Story & The Return of Collector’s Corner

October 1, 2018

I wandered into this shop on Martha’s Vineyard that was packed to the brim with piles and piles of quilts, table cloths, napkins, blankets, pillows, robes, nighties, soaps, and lots and lots of European glassware.   It was fantastic and an instant favorite!  I shared some photographs on my stories and the response was overwhelming.   The store does not have a site but you can certainly call in for shipping information, everybody who works with Jane, the store’s owner, is lovely and extremely helpful.   I wanted to show you a bit more about what I found there and also say that I have struggled to find anything similar online.  We do, however, have an opportunity to list some of these wares on our site, so do let us know if you’re interested!


This is just a tiny glimpse of the shop.   There were many patterns that I was drawn to and I found it hard to decide.   These napkins and tablecloths are fun, colorful and easy; they can be dressed up or down.   I particularly love using busy patterns on the table for breakfasts, which we set out the night before (if we can) when we have guests to stay.  They remind me of France, and of summer, and I definitely had intentions of finding things like this for our online store should we decide to launch one!  The owner of the shop, Jane, is a delight, so do go in if you’re on Island and send my regards.

I also couldn’t help but fall in love with the many quilts and blankets.   The thicker ones seen below are reversible and so offer two patterns per piece.    This blue pattern (napkin) below might be my favorite, so subdued and the prettiest shade.  It also comes in a blanket.

I love all of the yellows, browns and pinks.    Ultimately, after many visits to the store, we settled on this camel which goes well with the colors we have at home but it also fun and unexpected. Xo!

Martha's Vineyard Style Travel

Fall Color Palate

September 27, 2018

We are home!!  It is soooo nice!  What an amazing and lucky summer we had with all this travel.   Martha’s Vineyard is one of my favorite places so of course it was such a pleasure to spend a month there avoiding the heat and photographing two big weddings up in the Northeast.   Still, there is nothing quite like being home and we are looking forward to an extended stretch and a regular routine.  Fall in Charleston is my favorite time, particularly October and November so if you are planning a visit, this is a great time to come!

The pumpkins were coming out on Martha’s Vineyard just as we were packing up to head home.    It’s lovely how the Island gets quiet and hunkers down for the season.   We are very much hoping to make it up for a weekend towards the end of October to see the leaves changing and to have more evenings by the fire.   The weather was just beginning to turn, with room for cozy sweaters, jackets and jeans.   I picked up this dress in town at Beach House (it’s $120 and I am in an XS because it runs “roomy” & they don’t have a site but they know which one it is if you call) knowing that it would be perfect for the end of summer heat down south but still have an autumnal feel to it because of the burgundy shade.   I love button down dresses with tied waists — they’re always flattering and so easy to wear.

Of course one of our favorite farm stands had a fabulous display of organic beautiful gourd and pumpkins — very exotic!  We admired them and are excited to get into the spirit now that we are back home.    I’m also thrilled about some new items I have picked up, including these kilim shoes which are a favorite — more on them shortly!!! 

Martha's Vineyard Style Travel

Sunset at the Lighthouse

September 19, 2018

Martha’s Vineyard is divided into Up-Island and Down-Island.   Down-Island is where most of the towns are, and Up-Island is far more spread out, private and unspoiled.   At the tip of the Island is the Indian Reservation, Gay Head, now known as Aquinnah which is known for its clay red cliffs and natural beauty.    The first summer I ever spent here with my family (the year of my 13th birthday), we stayed in a cabin just down the road from here, where the only thing to do was to ride bikes to the beach or up to this view below — pretty spectacular!

Because my first memories of the Island all take place here, we always make the drive at least once to watch the sunset over the lighthouse, one of the more spectacular views on Island.    If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I met my husband on this Island.   He sailed here from England (he was a sea captain when we met) and the first thing he saw of the Island was that lighthouse.  It was early morning, still dark, and very stormy and so you can imagine what a relief it was to see.

It suited us well that we watched the sunset here before heading to meet Will’s parents at The Covington— which is a must!! if you visit — delicious!  I wore this sweet plaid shirt with a ruffled sleeve which dressed up well with gold earrings (super sale!) and my new go-to jeans which I wore endlessly last week, too.  I had a jacket with me here but ended up putting on the same (this one is similar) cashmere sweater that I wore in this post for dinner.     I love these simple fall combinations and soft, cozy fabrics.  This shirt is so soft as well as comfortable and feminine (the sleeves and fit).   It felt great! Xx

Garden Martha's Vineyard Style

Pretty Fall Planting Inspiration

September 18, 2018

The nurseries on Island are so vast and beautiful, they are worth a visit even if you are not a resident.  Because we have been here for so long, we have been collecting a few potted plants which we feel would thrive here which will be nice for our family who will be filling into the house after we go.    It has been a pleasure to explore what’s in bloom, what might last here compared to the hot and humid Southeast, and just to wander the bountiful aisles of these outdoor, country nurseries.

It is the end of season, and not a huge planting time up on the Vineyard, even compared to New York.   Still, there are lots of flowers which pack a floral fall hue: yellows, oranges, browns and burgundy.    The herb and vegetable greenhouse at this particular nursery is an inspiration, I would definitely wish to have a green house if we move back up to the Northeast and I can’t wait to ready our own little herb planter when we arrive home next week.

I really love how robust and varied these are, they are quite striking in person with the clean green and deep purple variations.   They seem a hearty addition to any chillier fall garden.

This pot of lettuce was the perfect take away!   We have been eating a bowl of salad this large for every dinner here on Island and it is no wonder it is so delicious, all locally grown.

A plaid skirt is perfect for straddling the seasons; it’s still warm enough to feel hot in jeans during the day but not quite summer weather.   This feels very ‘back to school’ and September-appropriate (it is 25% off with the code Lucy25).     I have linked to several others which feel similar at the bottom.   This sweater has been a favorite for years, it’s an old Calypso which is no longer with us but this one feels very similar and is worthwhile as it’s a year after year piece.

Soon all of the leaves will be the color of the photograph above, it’s already heading that way and I cannot wait! Xx

Living Martha's Vineyard Style

Easy Weekend Wear for Fall

September 14, 2018

Sunflower season is upon us and it always reminds me of fall on Martha’s Vineyard.   We had our wedding celebration here on Island 5 years ago at the start of October and our rehearsal dinner celebration was full of bright, glorious sunflowers, red checkered table cloths and apple cider cocktails.   I will see if I can find us that recipe because it was delicious and so suitable and warming.

We are busy prepping the house for Will’s parents who arrive tomorrow.  Fresh flowers are all over the house!  But, this post is really about what an incredible fit this blazer is, and how much I covet a well-fitting blazer because they last season after season. I still have my favorites from high school and my mother can hold onto a good one for 20 years (keep re-lining it) BUT I would like to quickly say two things first:  (1) these are my new favorite jeans and I will explain why in a moment (2) I know that I need to start wearing new shoes, and maybe a new bag, I packed so terribly for this trip and am looking forward to sliding into my trusty loafers and boots, alas they are at home, which is currently off limits for far more important reasons (hurricane). 

Now that we have this out of the way, let’s quickly talk about these jeans because I feel like they are a fantastic discovery and I’d like to tell everybody about them.   I need a high waist.  I have a big bum and a smaller tummy and if I wear low waisted jeans my underwear always hang out.  I have relied on Citizens since I was in high school.   I have been looking for a slim fit, high-waist but not too tight on the ankle pair, with NO holes and these are truly perfect, so comfortable, slimming and secure.   Those of you who follow our style posts know that I love a pair of rippy jeans but I prefer a clean cut, neater pair for fall and winter wear…a bit more elegant ;).  I also feel like jeans are a staple that you don’t need many pairs of and if they make you feel great, then they’re worth it.

This jacket is the prettiest shade of deep olive green, and fits like a glove (I am wearing a 6).   It’s perfect for weekend wear, work, layering up with cashmere scarves and sweaters and turtle necks and white button downs — an all in all fantastic piece which feels simultaneously smart and sexy — a win win!   Last, I love wearing an outfit like this on the weekend which makes me feel feminine and put together, especially when strolling polished charming streets exploring, picking up flowers, coffee and treats.

Martha's Vineyard Style

The Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall

September 13, 2018

I recently discovered a new brand of jeans and was already excited about how comfortable they were when I stumbled upon these velvet ones (I am wearing the Emerald) by the same company at one of my favorite shops on Martha’s Vineyard.   These deep dark green are the perfect velvet trousers for fall and winter and are a great day to evening pair.   I also love the navy version which is a very rich and dark blue.   They are soft, stretchy and so easy to wear with this blouse, white button down and heels for work, or cozy creamy sweater (alternative here) for weekend wear.

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - At The BeachPerfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - On the Beach

I definitely favor dresses and skirts, and so prioritize comfort when it comes to any trousers.   I look for a high or mid-rise waist, maximum flexibility, a slimming cut, and not too tight on the bottom near the ankle — these hit all the marks, and that’s not easy to do for me.  It was such a comfortable combination with this billowy, feminine top which wore perfectly in the low 70’s weather.

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - On the Dock!
Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - Relaxing On My Favorite Dock

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - At The Club

I’m straddling the seasons here with my basket bag and espadrilles but could easily swap them out for loafers or knee-high boots and a blush or chocolatey leather handbag.   As I build my “adult” wardrobe, I focus on great seasonal pieces which are versatile and timeless.  I have been wearing velvet trousers my whole life, they will never go out of style.

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - Relaxing At The Club
Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - Also This Top!

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall

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