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Celebrating 7 Years Married!

January 31, 2020

It’s our 7 year anniversary today!! This day 7 years ago we eloped on a frozen lake in Maine… best decision to date.

I took a look back on our five year anniversary celebration.   We put together a week’s worth of celebratory content to mark this momentous occasion two years ago.   In the Keep the Romance Brimming post — which I still standby 99% — one of my recommendations is to play sports together and my first thought was what!! We used to play sports together? That’s adorable!! Who were those people?

So much has changed in two years.    Our business is a lot bigger and more demanding (I love it).  So is our child (love him!) I am pregnant, life is good! I lie in bed too often separated from my husband by a sea of toddler feet and cats with my laptop light glowing on the floor and I think:  This is it. This is beautiful. My child’s head smells so good! He’s growing too fast. We have everything we need. I am so lucky. This mattress was a great investment! 

This year we had a lot of trouble with Will’s back.    I don’t want to bore you but in case you are as confused as I was, a chiropractor is not a doctor and heading to a doctor sooner would have been awesome!  We ended up in an AMBULANCE in New York City blocking traffic for over an hour on the Upper East Side as the crew hoisted Will off the ground and the crowds were absolutely crushed to see that he wasn’t bleeding.  Even though we were focusing on Will in the emergency room, I couldn’t help but be sick a few times because … first trimester. It was a day! Anyway…. He is doing way better now. I know that this is a reach, we have friends who are facing far greater health challenges BUT, maybe this is the first time we have felt…a bit older…a bit less invincible. 

I don’t know what the future holds for us.  A week like this rocks you. A helicopter crash that echoed around the world.  The collective sadness and the desperate reminder of how much we all want to see our children grow up. 

What I do know is this:  7 years and we have sunk. in.   I am more in love with Will than ever.  We are best friends (#notplatonic) and we finish one another’s thoughts — maybe out of necessity.  We have less time for each other right now. We are in the weeds. But, we haven’t forgotten the golden rules of putting one another first, and so the time that we do have is more deliberate, more focused.

We draw strength from each other everyday.  We are the backbone of this life and of this family and this business.   We are building something together. It is a joy to watch Will’s parenting and patience and quick mind and endless ability to think about other people, R & I especially.  And, as we face the world and all of the beauties and challenges of each day, we have more certainty in each other than ever before. I think we have grown up.