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Dreamy Routine: Charleston’s Best Kept Secret

February 6, 2018

Middleton Place is one of my FAVORITE spots to visit in town.  It’s about half an hour out of downtown and is such a reliable spot to capture something beautiful – like a sunset stroll, and a glass of wine with my husband.  The gardens are spectacularly maintained and never fail to impress whatever the season.

We used to come here quite often while we were shooting for our wedding work but realized that we hadn’t visited in a while so decided to make a quick sunset stop after a full day in the office. There aren’t too many visitors in town yet and it felt a bit like we had the place all to ourselves.

There is so much to explore, it’s worth spending an afternoon meandering through the gardens, particularly in springtime or early summer.  There is a bank of Azeleas that are nothing short if spectacular when in full bloom.

We have found over the years of working together that creativity comes best to both of us when we are in motion, and outside – which is why we are so fond of beach walks too.   We often have our best ideas on long walks and I swear we often forget them as soon as we get into the car (smooth!).    Seriously though,  taking advantage of these warm winter days is such a pleasure and a refresh.   The change of pace made me feel eager to get our travel for this year started, but there are a few more house projects to in the pipeline and we realized today that Will’s passport has expired, so not quite yet!   xxx