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My Three Favorite Apps for Editing with the iPhone

May 9, 2017

Lucy Cuneo iphone Downtown CharlestonI absolutely love my iPhone camera.  After we had a baby in August, I didn’t whip out my “pro” gear for anything personal until November (to shoot our holiday card, and it might have been December because I am not very organized!).   The iPhone did such an incredible job capturing our son’s first months in the world; it was always on hand and it is perfect for catching a fleeting moment or a new experience, from Baby R’s first smile to his first plane ride at only 5 weeks old, we have thousands of iphone photographs collected.   On a less personal note, I use my iPhone for my social media all the time.  I have three Apps which I use to edit my photographs.  I am sure there are many many more fabulous ones (so do share!) but these have been my core trio.

Cute baby iphone photocute baby iphone photo Lucy Cuneobaby close up iphone picture by Lucy CuneoCute baby and dada iphone picturesBaby and Dada iphone pictures

1.  VSCO!  I use this App every. single. day.  I pretty much only use Filter C1 (and B1 for black & white) and make a lot of tweaks which I will walk you through a bit later in the week.  This is the perfect editing tool to get your iphone photographs ready for the world and definitely an essential in my eyes!  I know that a lot of people use Snapseed for similar editing and I am sure that it is great too!  VSCO is what I am used to and I absolutely love it so haven’t seen a reason to learn a new system.

iphone holiday snaps Lucy Cuneo Bahamas
2. Facetune!  Once I have edited my image in VSCO, I turn to Facetune if the image needs more tweaking.  I don’t photoshop my face but, I would use it to do things like get rid of this shadow in the beach or the hose in the garden center (both below).   It is just personal preference but in these two examples, I think the image would feel cleaner without — of course, if you can do it “in camera” that would be easier and less time-consuming.  Shooting “in camera” is always my first preference, but sometimes I take an image quickly, or in a public place and cannot craft it just as I would like.  Facetune is my solution here.

iphone photos Lucy CuneoLucy Cuneo Flowers iphone photoLucy Cuneo Iphone Photographs

3.  ColorStory!  This is a newer App for me but I have been really enjoying it.  You can edit in it the same way as VSCO but I have been taking my VSCO edited images in and playing with some of the more fun filters.  You can add cool effects like flare, bokeh and different color hazes over your images.  I turn the effect down all the way to make sure it is discrete but even at this very light level, the filters have added a fun new dimension to my iphone photographs.

Lucy Cuneo iphone photo flowers

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI will walk you through how I use each of these in a video later in the week. For now, do you have any Apps that I have left out and should know about?  xx