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Friday Night on the Porch

March 23, 2018

We have been working hard to try to really mark our weekends and to take that time off to relax with family and friends.  I know this probably sounds straight forward but after so many years of shooting weddings regularly on the weekends, it’s not a habit we have practiced well.   It’s not that we worked “all the time” it was just that because we work for ourselves, we set a funny schedule where we were never really off duty — we always peddled along and disregarded whether it was a week or weekend day.

I think I mentioned earlier that we ended up spending Christmas at home this year, just the three of us, because I was having really boring dental surgery (yawn).   We ended up having two really relaxing weeks totally “off duty” just kicking around at the park and the beach with the baby.   It was a deep reset and such a healthy reminder of why family time is so important; we have been making a concentrated effort to keep it up.   With that in mind, last weekend we had 20 friends (with loads of children) for brunch and it was exactly what I had wished for:  chaos.   I know this might sound odd but that too was deeply relaxing for me and just how I wish every weekend to be.   I love nothing more than welcoming our friends and family into our home.   For us, a weekend should be spent with lots of friends dropping in just to say hi and have a coffee or glass of wine as well as totally relaxed time with family.   I love spending time with Will & our son together rather than tag-teaming.   We take such pleasure in his every new move, and it is so special to experience it together.

Which brings me to getting the porch all set up for a Friday night social!    Last night we ended up spending a few hours re-potting the flowers and setting up the lanterns to get it ready for a casual sunset drink with our neighbors.   With the sun setting just a bit later these days, it’s the perfect reminder than summer is nearly here !! xx