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Irresistible Sweaters

March 5, 2018

For the love of sweaters!!  Will always tells me that I do not need another one, but I tend to disagree.  Sweaters are what I have the most of in my wardrobe.   My cousin Sophie once said that a great sweater is like an old friend.   They should feel cozy, reliable, comforting and make you feel great.   Yesterday I put my heavier winter sweaters to bed for the season but I kept my colorful cashmere ones out because they will be so useful on chillier spring days and summer nights.

Sweaters are all about the fit for me.   I like my sweaters to be fitted (loosely is fine), a certain length, and most of mine are one color (i.e. pink, camel, cream, etc.).  I do have a few with stripe detail which I love and I am always on the hunt for a special one — have my eye on this bad boy.    Where to begin with building a collection of trusty friends?   I would say that you should begin with neutrals, and then pick a few more special statement pieces.


The third sweater in this set is a lifer — a great neutral timeless piece.  Same with the second but it’s especially cool because you can wear it two ways (with or without the turtleneck).   The first I love and can’t wait to get in the fall, and here is a piece that is similar and available now.   Number 4 is my favorite, the sweater I am wearing in the first pic is also Tibi — not many sizes left here!   The last four are really fun and personal preference, I adore them all.

I also love more sporty/masculine sweaters again as long as the fit is right.    I picked up this striped number above in St. Tropez last summer and haven’t been able to find it online but love these similar pieces (not all of which are masculine!):