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Mother’s Day Pressies !!!!!!!

May 3, 2018

I have always loved celebrating my mother on Mother’s Day.   She is my best friend and while I want her to feel spoiled and seen every day, I have made the effort to mark the occasion since I was little.  One year when I was about six I decided to hide her nail scissors and then wrap them up and give them back to her.  Another year I made her a pie (I ate all the crust before I gave it to her though so she wasn’t too pleased with me).   One year I made her a doll out of straw.   Luckily, as I have grown up, my resources have also grown and I have been able to make up those early years with lots of pampering treats, from baskets of beauty products to beautiful coffee table books and of course, lots of flowers.

Our most memorable mother’s day (in my opinion) was right after college.  I had moved back into my mother’s apartment for 8 months before moving to California and of course once I crossed the country, I missed her SO much.   When I couldn’t stand it any longer,  I decided on a whim to take the redeye back to New York for the holiday weekend, a complete surprise to her.  I remember knocking on the door at 7 AM and really scaring her — she was SO shocked to see me standing there, she burst into tears.  I haven’t seen her cry very much in my life.  It was very special.  We ended up playing tourist in our own neighborhood, walking through the park and having lunch on the sunny sidewalk outside a café.

This is my second mother’s day and if you ask me, last year’s didn’t really count.  I had just finished a destination wedding and was so exhausted, I ended up sleeping most of the day.   It’s not to say that both Will and my mother didn’t spoil me, they did, they were amazing but, it will be really fun and exciting to wake up with our son this year and to feel energized.

I think of mother’s day as an occasion which is really just about “resting” “pampering” and spending time with your littles, or your mother, and if you’re lucky, both!  Sadly though, I decided to write a post about fun present  recommendations and I really just want everything now so…. WILL… IF YOU’RE READING THIS, here are presents for each side of my personality:


I really love everything here.   HIGH CAMP GARDENIAS are a must!  They are the most amazing present (seen left) and are much better suited to perfuming your house vs. sitting on the table but I adore them….

 This Maria Christofilis Fleur 09 candle is INCREDIBLE and so perfect for summer nights.  Candles are my #1 and this one is to die, really.  Next, you guys know that I am a fan of India Amory block prints and these cocktail napkins are a no-brainer and a great intro to the brand.  Over The Moon just launched product and I have included both this divine scrapbook (perfect for a new mom) and the stationary.   Matilda Goad pastel beeswax candles — how can I describe my love for thee?? I spend way too much time filling my cart with these beauties.  And the beaded bag was an irresistible compliment to the color scheme and conveniently is sitting in my shopping cart…Will..


I love the idea of filling up a toiletry bag with pampering goodies to deliver to a mama in the morning.   Let’s see…this toiletry bag is a MUST, the overnight cream I am dying to try, love a good cami, my favorite soaps (also love this rose  one) and this clean beauty highlighter is my every day go-to.  Last, the lavender body oil for the bottle alone is a YES PLEASE!


Alright I am a sucker for “resort wear”.    Both of these hats are classics.  Here is the pink, and the larger frayed.   I live in sarongs in the summertime, love a gold necklace, these hart earrings are super sultry pink/brown and the round bag I might have already purchased…so HMD, self!   Hope that you guys like these things too!!!!!! AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY IN A WEEK + TO ALL! XX