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Guide to Spring Wedding Guest Style!

March 6, 2019

Wedding season is nearly upon us and if you too might be in that phase where it seems like all of your friends are getting married.  We have a busy calendar this year of weddings we are photographing and attending, kicking off with a wedding in England at the end of this month!!

When considering which dresses to invest in, I look for pieces that I can’t wait to wear again, like this red dress which I know I will LOVE for years to come but was a big decision to make.  To me, it is a “forever” dress because of the way it fits.   I also love this one which is *slightly* less expensive and this one is the brilliant cheap and cheerful version (by comparison!!).

I’m guessing that you, like me, are in the boat where you can’t buy a new dress for every occasion, especially considering all the events that surround the actual wedding day, from the welcome party through the brunch.    Programs like Rent the Runway or World Armium are another fun way to freshen up your “looks” for the weekend, as are new accessories from shoes to earrings…the Real Real is also great for this, as is ETSY (there are so many vintage/pearl/rattan clutches on Etsy…this one is adorable/ this one is cool and different and call me crazy but I love this, too.     This is a bit of a tangent but one of the most chic things I saw at a wedding last year was a woman who had a bag in the same fabric as her skirt.    She was my mother’s age and wore a striped full skirt with a white shirt and a matching stripe square bag — so good!

We road tested a few of our favorites, making sure that we could twist & spin as dancing is one of our favorite parts of the wedding celebration.    I also organized my favorite currently available dresses by price point, but first, let me show you my favorites.


Under $300

Under $700

Under $1,500

Shoot for the moon!