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The Perfect Date Night Dress

March 1, 2018

Continuing our celebration of the lovely Zero George hotel (have you entered our amazing contest???), Will and I kicked off a date night with drinks on the piazza, something we often do on a special occasion.   This night was quickly interrupted by the onset of Norovirus (haha) but we’re in the clear now and planning to pick it back up over the weekend.   Nevertheless,  this dress was one that I had been eyeing up for a long time and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it and the way it makes me feel.   I love long sleeves, blue and sparkly stars so it was too good to pass up.   My butterfly shoes (xmas pressie) might not be a perfect match but what a fun occasion to bring them out!

My favorite date night (or just special occasion) dresses make me feel both my best (sexiest) and my most comfortable.   Gone are the days of wearing something so short that it’s uncomfortable to sit down, and this is about as plungy as my neckline gets.   This dress is surprisingly supportive and so the arms and waist feel pulled in which is fantastic.   Here are some more I have been eyeing:



I love how cozy Zero George is, we have been lucky to snag the daybed on the piazza a few times in a row now (due to our early bird status I am sure) but it really makes you feel quite at home.  So excited for one lucky group to go via our giveaway!! xxx