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Personal Post: Fitness Goals!

March 20, 2018

Ok guys, this post is a bit of a departure from our regularly scheduled content but I just wanted to fill you in on what I have going on behind the scenes and to share some personal goals with you in hopes that 1) we could do it together and 2) I will feel even more motivated to stick with it.    First up: fitness.

Feeling strong is something that has always been important to me but often falls by the wayside as soon as I get busy and kick off our traveling wedding season.    It has been interesting to observe how my view of getting in shape has evolved since I had a baby.   While it used to be about getting ready for summer and #bikini season (and while that hopefully isn’t totally a lost cause),  it’s now much more about maintaining a flexible and fit body so that I can be energized for the baby and to stay as youthful as possible.   I want to be able to chase him, toss a football, dance around the kitchen, and to give him everything because I feel so healthy mentally and physically.   It has surprised me how much more motivating this is for me.   While I always got lost and gave up somewhere along my fitness plan for my bathing suit, getting fit for my son is a no brainer and both Will and I don’t question prioritizing it.   My mother reminded me when I was sick with Norovirus that everything begins and ends with your health and I am so grateful for ours (touch wood!).

In steps Jennie from Longevity Fitness (not this is not an #ad!)    I have always struggled to find my “place” and I feel I finally have.  Longevity is here in Charleston and the space is so spa like but the classes are delightfully challenging.   I admire how well Jennie has set it up.   Her father was in the hospitality industry and that has clearly been passed down.    Longevity is comfortable, inviting and always smells delicious.

I started going to Longevity with a friend a while ago but as I was still feeding the baby and not getting lots of sleep, I wasn’t committing to a regular routine.   Flash forward to having a 20 month old, and we have found that we have been getting a bit more of a routine out of him since this past Christmas (long may it last).   With a bit more sleep under foot, we have been able to commit more to building up our strength.   Jennie is one of those magnetic forces, as soon as you meet her, you want to hop on whatever bandwagon she’s on.   Together we have committed to twelve weeks of her Sweat Therapy class (at least 3x a week) + regular pilates which I am trying to do the other three days + a run.

I am near the end of week two and Will jokes that he’s going to keep a diary of my transformation.   So far I have been really hungry but my mood is starting to level out a bit I hope.    Funny how much stronger one feels even after such a short period of time!   We are planning to show much more from our fitness journey on Instagram stories so stay tuned if it’s at all of interest!!! I would love to hear what you do to feel strong, too. xxx