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Pizza Party

April 19, 2017

Pizza has become one of our favorite things to cook on our kamado grill; we thought it might be fun to share a ‘pizza party’ although we will create an updated one soon (with a set table) as this one was cut short by a family walk in the park. It is quite easy to make the dough, and to quickly pull the toppings together in the time it takes the coals to warm up (to 650 degrees).  We warm up a little garlic oil, rustle up some tomato sauce, and grate the best cheese we can get our hands on.

Lucy Cuneo Apron Flowers Outside CookingOlive Oil, Lucy Cuneo with baby in Kitchen

We are always looking for new activities for Baby R, and joke that we’re starting his cooking lessons early.  We squeezed him into his first apron (a napkin), and set to work on the flour.  It was hard for us not to giggle the whole way through it.  Baby R is a stickler for doing things properly, and for a moment he wasn’t sure about the whole thing because his cords started picking up the pizza flour. We dusted him down, however, and his outlook improved, although not for the photo below!

Lucy Cuneo With Baby In Aprons Pizza party man with pizza dough pizza party man with tomato sauce

“Dada” hasn’t learned to spin the dough for really thin bases yet, so we make the pies small, and cook them each for 5 minutes on indirect heat. Using a peel, we can turn them around very quickly. By the time our baby Sous Chef has graduated to hot foods and melted cheese, we expect to have perfected our process.  We cannot wait to start serving him home-cooked, unprocessed comfort foods and wish to continue his culinary education.

Pizza party man preparing pizzaLucy Cuneo with baby pizza partyLucy Cuneo With Baby Pizza Party

Jokes aside, spending time in the kitchen as a family is just such a fun thing to do.  We love how much Baby R enjoyed playing with the flour at our pizza party and he is turning into a really big eater!  We’re so proud of him and love to maximize our time together, these months are so precious.