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Poolside Cards With Over the Moon!

July 12, 2018

One of the most special things about the house in France is the pool.    It sits down the hill between the two houses and provides an oasis for guests, as well as a totally relaxed daytime activity, especially after a big night.    It has lots of day beds and floats and is just a really lovely relaxed way to spend the day at home with no pressure or agenda.     I remember growing up, we spent most days by the pool entertaining ourselves, eating cheese baguettes and drinking ice cold coca colas or Oranginas (they have never tasted so good!).    Nowadays, we have upgraded to rosé but still go for the simple sandwiches, or grilling by the pool.    I love to dress up the occasion with some added flowers and lovely cocktail napkins (like these from Over The Moon – to go with our plastic glassware).   It’s a bit of a hike to get up so we end up packing a picnic…

Will and I will take any opportunity to play cards.   When we travel alone, we play the whole way through the airport, on flights, in hotel rooms, at dinner (eek), and so forth.    I suppose it is more challenging to find the time these days which is why we go crazy when it’s just the two of us but, it’s really fun, amusing, competitive and a nice way to check out.   I have always admired Alex and her site, Over The Moon, and I couldn’t believe my luck when she came out with these monogrammed playing cards (I went with the animals and flowers to match my napkins).   What a fun little luxury and something to make me smile.    I treasure them and think they are such a lovely present for a friend, too!   My family plays a lot of cards so I am sure that I will be getting lots for birthdays and Christmas (stocking stuffers!).

As someone who cannot sit still for too long, the Over The Moon playing cards seemed the perfect activity to bring down to the pool with us and inspired me to think of other games to play during our long days in the sun.   Thank you Alex, for the beautiful inspiration!  I now don’t go a day without having them in my handbag.   xx