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Portofino, P2

June 7, 2017

After an extremely late night, Will and I pulled ourselves out of bed for perhaps the largest room service breakfast ever ordered (eggs, pastries, french toast, fruit, tea, coffee, etc…) and inhaled it with delight in our hotel robes.  We quickly dressed and headed to meet our scheduled boat trip.  What a luxury it was to be out on the water with the wind and sea spray.   It was very choppy so we didn’t go too far; we ended up in a little cove which you can only really reach by boat (or an extremely long hike).  We jumped into the sea (heaven) and lingered there for a while before heading back for lunch.

There is a statue of Jesus underneath the water here (we couldn’t get the full translation of how he got there).  Our guide encouraged us to put on masks and take a look — it totally freaked me out so I did not do this but Will was very brave.  Below is a picture of the town I was referring to as well as one of the Dolce & Gabanna houses.

We had lunch at the Splendido on the hill before lounging by the pool and a quick swim.  We still had a long leg of our drive and wanted to get back to the baby so we hurried ourselves along — only a baby could motivate us to leave such a beautiful place!