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Pregnancy Style: Dressing The Bump!

February 17, 2020

The second baby is growing a lot faster (to be expected) and getting dressed is proving more of a challenge than anticipated! We were giggling our way through my trying to find something suitable for a black tie wedding a few weeks ago as truly, NOTHING fit in the dressing room and it became a real hunt. I was grateful to find this loose Tibi dress from Hampden which still had a nice fitted element up top to make it feel not a complete mumu. I wore it again to a black tie charity event at the Gibbes with different shoes/jewelry. I think it will fit me for the entire pregnancy. Here are a few more dresses I found after the fact that I think would have worked well:

For day to day, at first I tried sizing up in all my normal favorite tops and dresses but, for the most part, it did not work — it looked like I was wearing clothes that were obviously too large and not the correct fit. Wearing loose, flowing dresses at this juncture makes me look like I’m literally about to birth so those are out, and I think I finally have a uniform nailed down. I have found that Zara has a nice selection of easy dresses which are the correct mix of fitted/loose, I like this one and this one!

I am going to do a post on first trimester survival products but I think this is worth mentioning twice: one of the most important things that I have done for myself is invest in great bras, and not cheap temporary ones. I was so uncomfortable in the beginning, I bought a few of these HANRO bras and they were a life-saver. A few weeks ago I went to our local lovely shop to be properly fitted and bought three more bras that are investment pieces but just make all the difference. I would rather splurge on support that makes me feel wonderful and then buy t-shirts from jcrew factory (which by the way are so soft, I just stocked up) . I have also heard wonderful things about the True bras but have yet to try them — I needed to know my size, etc. first!

For Christmas I bought myself two pairs of Rag and Bone jeans (low rise) sized up two sizes and although they are expensive, I HAVE NEVER looked back. I wear them every day with either a white button down (I have this one from last pregnancy and love it) or cozy sweater that still fits layered with white t and great shoes and feel totally comfortable and pulled together. I also love the Alex Mill tunic tops (somehow I am still a “small” so thanks Alex!) which are fitted enough in the sleeves but show a clear bump so as to not make you look like you’re hiding.

Some other great brands I have discovered along the way — for a great black dress, I love the wrap dress from Shop Mille — I have this dress and this dress and am on the waitlist for this sweater. I wear the black dress on dates and also just as an every day dress — it fits really well across the top but has room for a tummy. I also love my shop Mirth pieces — again, fitted on top with space. I love the new HATCH spring line and do think it might be time to turn to maternity soon, I’ll keep you posted. On the agenda for this week I have buying new workout gear as I have finally outgrown my leggings!

Also, I would like to add as a note that I think it’s really important to keep up with routines like manicures, hair, etc. to make you feel your best — pregnancy is a wonderful state where you should just let everything grow but it’s also important to pamper yourself and make yourself feel your most radiant so I encourage you to pamper as much as possible! XX