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May 21, 2020

Even with restrictions lifting in our area, we are still planning to stay hunkered down at home.   We are lucky to be able to do it, especially with a baby on the way so soon (mid-June).

Like us, I am sure that many of you are staying home right now to protect your families and your community.   Which means: MANY home cooked meals and lots of time at the sink washing up.

We have been cooking three meals a day + various snacks for months with one night of take out so far.    Largely this has been a pleasure; we love to cook and I have been teaching myself how to cook properly over the last few years.    The washing up part is less romantic and constant, especially on my more “experimental” days — I am a tornado in the kitchen. 

By keeping the sink neat and tidy and attempting to make it, dare I say, an “inspiring” or “uplifting” space, we have found that it’s less of a chore to spend time there.     We have been slowly making little tweaks (“primping”) areas of our house to make sure that they not function better (everything has a place) but are also aesthetically appealing and so nice to spend time in.

A simple kitchen sink upgrade is a no brainer.   All you need to do is:

(1) Decant all your soaps and liquids or pick pretty bottles.      Normally I would advise that you head to a local Home Goods for a $5 decanter but I found these on Amazon and they work well!  I also like to keep a pretty moisturizer by the sink and find that this one lasts for a long time and smells delightful.

(2) Find a place to hide your sponge, or a pretty dish to rest it in.  These sponges are more elegant but I’m not sure that they’re as effective, need to test it out.    We also love wooden brushes for scrubbing boards, vegetables and these ones work well for cleaning out bottles, narrow vases and votives.    The really tiny one is particularly useful. This is a cute pot for holding brushes.

(3) Add life!  I love plants and herbs on the windowsill, they add instant cheer.     We buy our basil when we grocery shop and then plant it properly and it seems to last longer.   Last year, we visited our local nursery and consulted with them about plants that last well in the lighting set up and need minimal maintenance and they’re still with us to this day.    I’m sure that many local nurseries are doing drive by pick ups.  And when in doubt, a pretty bunch of flowers from the garden work well. I have linked to some pretty pots at the bottom.

(4)  Other textures:  dishtowels, wooden chopping blocks, in our case these bowls and a breadbox serve as extra decorative but useful sink-side touches.

Happy Primping!