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Springtime Strawberry Picking

April 13, 2017

Luckily for us, springtime strawberry picking starts early in the South.  We were so excited to head out to the farm; it seemed a perfect way to keep exploring our lovely city and to sample one or two strawberries fresh off the vine.  We have heard a lot of wonderful things about the Ambrose Farm CSA  from our neighbors and friends; we invited our friends Julia and Thomas to come along.

strawberry picking charleston springtimegirl in field picking strawberriesgirl picking strawberries

The farm was bursting with so many rows of fresh strawberries to pick, they tasted sweet and warm.  I was also so excited to bring some back for our baby’s food.  We make it ourselves, and his appetite has increased so rapidly, I am constantly trying to think of new things to feed him.  Lucky for us, the farmers markets have just opened and will be brimming with inspiration.  Peach season is coming quickly and might be my favorite of all.

In addition to the strawberries, we came across carrots, asparagus and beautiful yellow wild flowers which made the farm feel like it was set in the English countryside.  Thomas told us that the yellow flowers are a cover crop, freshening up the soil for a new round of vegetables.   I headed right to them and picked some to take home, sorry Ambrose Farms!
girl in fieldfield strawberry pickinggirls strawberry picking

We loved strawberry picking and spending time with Julia and Thomas, they have become such great friends and we’re so thrilled that they moved to Charleston.  They are such fun (and funny) company and incredibly talented — truly inspiring to be around.  We love brainstorming with them about lots of upcoming projects.  Julia also helped me double knot my shirt here, it looked way better after she did it (she’s the expert for sure!).

After we filled our buckets with berries, we noticed an alley of live oaks and took a leisurely stroll in their shade.  It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

girls walking live oaksgirls smiling live oaksgirl strawberry pickinglive oaks, the south, girls talking, lens flare