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October 8, 2020

Pulling on a great sweater is like a hug from an old friend. Not only are they your coziest wardrobe staple, they extend the life of your summer dresses and define your cool weather style. I love a good striped cashmere with cut off jean shorts or a chunky oversized cardigan paired with a thin floral dress. Fitted ribbed knits work well layered under thick belted cardigans; oversized alpaca fluff balls with leggings and knee high boots is a must. I add a few keepers to the stack every year and do my best to launder them properly so they last for a lifetime (more on sweater care soon). Some of my favorites are from high school or are hand-me-downs from my grandmother, mother and one even from my mother’s friend. All this is to say, I really, really love sweaters. Here are my favorite styles!


Not ideal for date night but probably my favorite type, these sweaters remind me of rocking my dad’s oversized cashmere with leggings and a belt in college or the nostalgia of clinging to a boyfriend’s sweater which is just a bit too big but oh so cozy. My mother had a few mohair numbers growing up and she looked pretty amazing in them. These are also the first I reach for early in the morning to pull over pajamas while making some coffee.

If you’re just starting your sweater collection, one of my new favorite brands is Alex Mill. I have four of their sweaters and I wear them A LOT. Here is a large cashmere sweater in a slew of colors (I love the forest green which is nearly black). The look for less.

These Sézane pieces are a bit less expensive but are mixed materials. I do usually prefer to go with alpaca/wool/cashmere (natural fibers) but this sweater in sky blue I can’t resist!

I shared these H&M ones yesterday on stories but it bears repeating because these are premium quality and natural fibers and seem to be that loose fit, I adore both the mustard and the taupe and here is a creamy one in a similar style.

Slightly different but very nice, I think this one would look cool alone, with a fitted white button down underneath or a turtleneck.


I adore stripes. Especially cashmere ones. And bright ones and fun color combinations like this La Ligne…. or this KULE or this dream sweater from Isabel Marant which will only ever make my wishlist but a girl can dream. THIS ONE however is on SALE! Pull off with a big white button down, draped over your shoulders, layered under a camel or as a statement on an otherwise all black ensemble, pair with a huge waist belt and flowy skirt… you get the picture.

This is not the best fabric but it’s certainly a way to “complete the look” for way less! Ditto here. And here.

THIS one is the perfect blend of less expensive but great materials — a win! Wyse London vibes for less.

Here are some more, least expensive – most expensive:


You can never go wrong here! Whether it’s a simple Gap ($41!) or Jcrew turtleneck to a ribbed bodysuit, all of these are wardrobe essentials. If these are going to be your base layer, nice fabric is highly encouraged. These three are in my cart, the cream is so simple but the sleeve is heavenly:

Before we get into this section, this is the best one I have found — milk white with tortoise buttons, 100% cotton and 40% off… as Nellie Diamond would say: “j’obsessed”.

I also adore this in both black and white and in the same cuddly spirit this nude one is lovely. And I also love this one.

I have a lot of my grandmother’s cardigans so in that spirit here is an amazing vintage Scottish sweater…

Last but not least, you cannot go wrong with Ralph and this color is a favorite.


My mom had a grey one of these growing up which was just so cozy and cool…. A must.  I even wear mine UNDER a camel coat in chilly weather…

Here are the least expensive ones I found: this one, this one and this one

This one is more but beautiful!! And I adore this one but there is only one left….


The perfect underlayers…!!!   Once we get into the cooler weather it’s easy to lose one’s shape underneath all that fabric but this is the perfect way to strip down and still stay cozy inside. These are my favorites and the ones I’d like to add this year, in order:


From a monogramed Le Lion to the Lingua Franca embroidery, a few statement sweaters surely add some dazzle to everybody’s collection. An over-sized collar and floral embroidery are two of my favorites from this season!