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Three Wedding Guest Looks for Spring!!

May 15, 2017

As a wedding photographer, I always really enjoy seeing what the guests wear to the wedding — obviously the bride is the star, but I think it’s a really fun occasion to dress up and for everybody to feel their best together!  We’re attending two weddings as guests this summer and I am already plotting away.   Of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off a few teaser pieces from our favorite local store, Hampden.   This first pink number is so floaty and etherial — it’s so comfortable and really fun to wear; if you have to attend a black tie event this spring/summer,  I highly recommend!

I especially love that the cutout back back makes the piece feel more womanly and flirty, and the waist band really pulls you in so that you have a defined waist.

This next look would be really fun for a lunch or more casual wedding.  I love how it feels preppy English 70’s and was so easy to wear.  A fitted top and a flair skirt is such a flattering combination in my opinion; this is an instant feel good outfit and I would wear the pieces separately a lot, too:

Last but not least is this little Zimmermann dress which is universally fantastic and could be worn to a number of events.   Wrap dresses are a staple for me, and even though this one felt shorter, it didn’t feel uncomfortably so at any point because the bottom is so flowy rather than tight/fitted.   I really felt great in all three of these and have linked to a few more options below!  xxx