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The Ultimate Romantic Summer Dress

June 27, 2018

Hi!  I’m planning to do a post on everything I packed for France but just wanted to quickly share this dress as it has been a highlight for me.    This is the ultimate romantic summer dress:  soft, flowy, and ultra feminine.    Even with the high-cut neck and billowy sleeves, this dress feels slim and sexy.   The snug fit through the waist to right above the hips and the way that it moves, combined with the breathability of lovely linen makes it impossible not to feel fantastic in.   I also love the warm color palate of the creamy camel and soft floral pattern.   I have worn it to countless dinner parties, with casual espadrilles during the day and even to a friend’s wedding with nude strappy heels.   It has been an absolute favorite and a “forever piece” in that I don’t see myself falling out of love with it anytime soon.

You can always count on Zimmermann to make a beautiful, feminine dress ready for summer.    To me, this feels like one of their most special pieces without the price tag to match — of course it is still an investment piece but feels do-able to me compared to some of the other ones that I love but might be too nervous to wear as readily and freely as I do this one.

I have been trying to really hone in on my personal style and what I look for after getting lots of questions about it in the new year.   I definitely tend towards soft, flowy, romantic dresses which are comfortable.   I love a floral pattern which isn’t too bold and stick to warmer tones, hues of soft camels, creams, pinks, etc.   This dress ticks all the boxes!! XX