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Visit to the Cotswolds

June 19, 2018

Will and I have been hunkered down editing weddings while we’re here in England but took a quick work break yesterday to visit the ever so famously beautiful Cotswolds.   As expected, they are lush, overgrown and so breathtaking.    The winding country roads and rose covered stone walls are like something from a fairy tale.    I had to stop myself from asking Will to pull over every ten feet on the way in!

Most of these photos were taken in Bibury which is a tiny little village with a famous line of houses called Arlington Row.    It has been said to be the most beautiful village in England.   Swans float down this river and we a very sweet lunch of sandwiches before heading out to explore.   We had our little one in tow so didn’t get to do too much more exploring (too much car time) but did manage to stop at Amanda Brook’s new shop on the way out which was well worth the trek! XXX

Last but not least, I have been LIVING in these shoes — so comfortable and versatile, one of my favorite additions from this year! xx