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Visiting Chateau Minuty

June 7, 2018

What a pleasure it was to stumble upon this beautiful estate.  Hidden behind the main, modern building of Chateau Minuty sits this elegant Bastide with a hydrangeas and palm tree lined entrance, beautiful stone and a black and white marble floor.  The sun poured out from behind the clouds as we approached, casting golden light which highlighted the elegance of this incredible property.   Complete with a modern, crisp swimming pool which sits in front of rows and rows of vines, this old-world meets modern amenity home is just a dream.

These rows of trees sit in dappled light alongside the vineyard.   Minuty has always been one of our favorite rosés but we also had the pleasure of trying some of their red wine, which we brought home and (accidentally) consumed immediately, even the magnum — delicious and beautiful quality considering that we all feel somewhat ok this morning!