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Visiting Napa: Day 2

August 3, 2017

Will and I started our last day of exploration with a morning spa treatment at Solage Calistoga.   I photographed a wedding at Solage last year with Laurie Arons and love the property.  The spa is particularly wonderful with its clean white wash walls and inviting atmosphere, I could happily lounge there all day.  Will and I opted for the mud bath as it was new to both of us and a fun thing to do together.  It’s a three part treatment which lasts for just over an hour and takes part in three stages:  mud mask, dead sea salt bath and a sleep in a zero gravity chair.  We emerged feeling AMAZING and ready to tackle anything and everything.   It was short lived because of our cumulative wine tasting later in the day but well-worth it!   It reminded me how of how important it is to look after your body and I’m looking forward to getting on a little health kick.

After our spa time, we headed to Scribe winery in Sonoma to meet an old friend of mine.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Scribe, it is also well worth it.  The experience is beautiful; the tasting takes part with an incredible fresh lunch of salads and crusty bread. It inspired me to pick up cooking again; it is simple and divine.   The house itself reminded me of our time in Europe, the lovely gardens and fresh breeze set the perfect tone for an afternoon relaxing with friends underneath shady umbrellas.  The wine is phenomenal.

We were sad not to stay the entire day as we were rushing to the wedding rehearsal; once we made it back to Napa, we spent the sunset hours wandering the gardens across the street from French Laundry and plucking fresh tomatoes from the vine.  We finished our evening at Redd Wood which has the most delicious pizza and salads — all in all, a lovely day!