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Entertaining Home

5 Guest Room Essentials

June 22, 2017

We love having friends and family to stay.   Charleston is such a destination city, we have attracted many visitors and there are periods in the year when our house is full every weekend!   There are a few things I always like to have on hand to make sure that our guest room is very comfortable and feels a touch luxurious.   These items are easy to find and don’t have to be expensive, and the extra effort is…

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Entertaining France Style

Evening Cocktails

June 12, 2017

We’ve had great friends to stay with us the last ten days in France.   My childhood best friend Lizzy and her fiancé Adam, as well as two of our close friends from Charleston, Augusta and Brandon, were in the first round off arrivals.   They were incredible guests — they noticed that we had a lot to manage with the baby and really ended up hosting us which was so spoiling! One evening Augusta set up a cocktail hour…

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Charleston Entertaining Flowers Tables

Lilac Mother’s Day Inspiration

May 8, 2017

I am so grateful to be invited to contribute to Gal Meets Glam and to kick off the contributor series with a Mother’s Day celebration. I feel lucky to count Thomas and Julia as close friends. Setting the table has long been a hobby of mine and I consider it to be one of my great loves. It has been my thing since childhood – my first ‘business’ was party planning for children. I was 13 and I would set elaborate,…

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Entertaining Flowers Garden Home Style Tables

Arranging Flowers with Charleston Stems

May 2, 2017
spring table with flowers

Anne from Stems is one of my all time favorite creative friends.  Everything she touches makes my heart sing, she is so so talented.  We met through the wedding industry a few years ago and became fast friends; we both enjoy setting a beautiful table and collaborate A LOT.  I have been lucky enough to have her to our family home in France where we were able to “play” and she is the person I run my creative ideas by.  Yesterday,…

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Entertaining Food Home Style

Pizza Party

April 19, 2017

Pizza has become one of our favorite things to cook on our kamado grill; we thought it might be fun to share a ‘pizza party’ although we will create an updated one soon (with a set table) as this one was cut short by a family walk in the park. It is quite easy to make the dough, and to quickly pull the toppings together in the time it takes the coals to warm up (to 650 degrees).  We warm up a little garlic oil,…

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