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Making Smoothies with Roberta Roller Rabbit!

August 16, 2017

Introducing our baby to solid foods has been one of my favorite stages so far.  I love watching him try new things and his reactions always make me giggle.  We find meal time to be lovely, social family time.  Recently we have started to do a bit of ‘light’ cooking together.  The baby is so interested in the way things work — from putting a cap on a bottle to making sure his toys are all in the same same…

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Food France

Morning Bread Run!

June 14, 2017

Every morning we pop into town to pick up fresh pastries and bread for the day.  The baguettes are piping hot and so fresh that they only last until the afternoon.   We always grab regular croissants and either pain au chocolate or almond croissants — so delicious!!  We love our guests to wake up to a breakfast of fresh fruit and patisseries; we didn’t quite manage to go as early as we liked every day this year but we tried…

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Food France Style Tables

Breakfast in the Garden

May 31, 2017

We’ve been sleeping a bit less since we arrived due to the baby’s jetlag.  No biggie — honestly I think it will settle soon, he’s getting closer to his schedule back home and he seems to be really enjoying spending time with his young cousins.  Obviously we all feel very lucky to be here.   I take care of him for most of the night and sleep in the morning and Will takes over around 5 a.m.  which means that…

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Beach Beauty Charleston Food Style

Date Night: Sullivan’s Island

May 18, 2017

Oh my gosh you guys, Will and I used to come here every. single. night.  Come rain or shine, we walked the beach in winter and swam in the spring and summer.   It was our work break, our ‘out of office’ moment.  Since the baby has been born, we have spent more time exploring our neighborhood and enjoying leisurely bath and bedtime routines at home.  Last night, Will and I went out for a quick date to our favorite Charleston restaurant,…

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Charleston Food Travel

Farmer’s Market

May 17, 2017

I can’t believe that this was our first trip to the farmer’s market this season!  It has been open for a month but with travel and work, we just got there this afternoon.   Lucky for us, strawberries are still going to be around for a few more weeks and we also bought tons of fresh vegetables, arugula, pasta and eggs.  I have been snacking on the most delicious, ripe, sweet blackberries all afternoon while editing on the computer and am…

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