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10 Ways to Boost Creativity

September 27, 2017

The dreaded rut. We all have them.  I find that I am especially drained after wedding weekends (which explains my lull in posting). I absolutely love photographing weddings, the joy and the beauty of families coming together is very special.  I am so emotionally committed that it takes several days to recover!  It is a happy type of drained but makes it challenging to bounce back and focus on other creative projects.  I have taken to using these ten tricks to get me back on track.

1. Look through coffee table books.  I find Pinterest, online inspiration and other people’s blogs and Instagram to be a total overload.  Of course I am inspired by friends and I LOVE looking through to see what everyone else is up to, but I try to draw my own creative inspiration from books or art rather than online media.  My best creative ideas often come from one photo, color or even a poem or phrase. I know the latter might sound a bit ridiculous but I always find when I go back to my style icons, I feel creatively refreshed and ready to trudge forward.  I look at a wide range of topics, from interiors to outdoor adventure.  I also love all of the Vogue books and collect the magazine as well as Vanity Fair.  

2.  Try a different medium.  If you’re a photographer, take a painting class (or just pick up some water colors from a local shop).  I love taking a break from photography to express creativity in different ways.  It always leaves me refreshed, or so frustrated that I am reminded that I should stick to what I know 😉  

3.  Take a break!  Exercise is critical for me.  I find that I am a totally different, much more clear headed person when I work out.  It has been left behind this year between work and the baby, and I am determined to get back to it!  Even a walk outside is refreshing.

4. Mix up your surroundings.  I work from home and I find that getting out of the house boosts my creativity – a walk in the park or taking my laptop to the coffee shop nearby really does make a big impact.

5.  Draw inspiration from objects. When I set the table,  it is usually build around one piece.  For example, I fell in love with these napkins  and wanted to build a table around these colors.   I am currently plotting a holiday table built around these olive green candle sticks.  Sometimes it’s a shade of flower, sometimes it’s a fabric, but it usually stems from one thing.  I recently slid a silver tray underneath some candles (just tidying up) and couldn’t believe how much light it reflected back in the room, we set a table built around that.  Don’t be afraid to keep ideas simple and base them off of one thing that makes your heart skip.

6. Which brings me to, if it doesn’t make your heart flutter don’t do it! This is Such a toughie!! When we’re trying to produce regular content, which is new for us, sometimes I’m tempted to throw it all out there — the good the bad the ugly.  I read that KonMari book a few years ago and keep reminding myself to go back to that principle.  It has to inspire joy.  Don’t let what other people are doing side track you, if you’re true to yourself and what you love, it will shine through!  So hard, I know! 

7.  Travel. What a luxury, but it works…

girls holding lilac

8.  Collaborate. Two minds are better than one. Once you find a creative partner in crime, don’t let her go!

9.  Don’t be afraid to mess up. It happens, move on! 

10.  Push through it.  Sometimes we have to create some really terrible stuff to get to the gold, keep at it.  Don’t give up! And Use these rules, they really do help! xx