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Shades of Green for Fall

September 29, 2017

I have been very much in the mood for fall, getting organized and making plans.  Will and I have been busy re-organizing our business goals, making travel arrangements, and also plotting a month of more mindful, dare I use the phrase, self-care.   I have LOVED traveling this summer, we have been living very much in the moment, which I believe to be so healthy and worthwhile.  I am excited, however, for a month of more focused sleep, exercise, spa treatments and healthy eating — do share any recipes that spring to mind!  Because it’s still so warm here, I have been finding ways to sneak hints of the shift in seasons into my wardrobe without being able to break out the full outfits.   I have been so inspired by shades of green, and these Hart Earrings are green loafers are my absolute FAVORITES!

We have four weddings left this season (all in a row, the next four weekends).  Three are close to home and the grand finale is in New York at the end of October.  We’re going to do a round up of our wedding season with select clients’ permission to mark the end of such a big year.  I realize that you probably think that we travel all the time for leisure because we show so little of our wedding work here; we have made a deliberate choice to protect the privacy of our clients, and all of our weddings go on to publications which means that they have to stay hush hush until that happens (often times, it’s a year later!).  We’re going to show what we can though at the end of the month so you can see a bit more of what we’ve been up to!

I lived in a pair of these loafers all last winter (and often receive questions and inquiries about them).  They are one of the best clothing investments I have ever made, and I am collecting them.  I can’t recommend them more highly, they are comfortable, classic, smart and feminine.   I plan to get the white and light blue (when they arrive!).  xx