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3 Ways to Maximize Your Dinner Party with Matouk

January 18, 2018

Set a beautiful, inviting table to welcome your guests!  This table was an absolute pleasure to set.  Working with Matouk linens is so so luxurious, they are elegant and timeless without feeling intimidating or too good to pull out for a more laid-back gathering.   They are great staples for life (so if you’re getting married soon, hello registry!).    What is particularly fun is how versatile these colors are — I had a completely different vision when I arrived at the flower shop but was so drawn to the queen anne’s lace, white anemones, and light pink tulips and couldn’t resist; the table turned into an ode to spring and a celebration of the beauty of each very special flower and color.

I mostly use glass vases on the table but I loved the way the stone sat with the blue edges of the placemats, I thought it a fun way to relax the vibe of the setting.   I also had to use a hodgepodge of vessels because there are so many flowers.   These arrangements are higher than I would normally set; I typically make sure that flowers do not block the view across the table.  In this instance, it was fun for our guests to arrive to such an elaborate setting and then to have the arrangements moved to sit all round us on the surrounding tables and window ledge.

 Do as much prep as you can before guests arrive so that you can enjoy them!! In an ideal world, we’ve done the majority of the cooking before guests arrive (close friends will know that this is not always the case, and many of our friends have cooked for us in our own kitchen post baby…!) so that we can focus on conversation.  This means keeping the menu simple and seasonal; we often pick up a quiche from the local shop and throw some vegetables and meat on the grill, toss a huge salad and of course, crusty bread.   Dessert is fresh fruit and ice cream and I love to keep little pots of candies (chocolate covered almonds) on the table for guests to nibble on as we continue chatting — usually WAY past midnight.

Dressing up, music & dinner party games are a great party enhancers.  We often set the mood with upbeat but relaxed music when guests arrive (Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) and melt into 90’s rap or tropical house music if dancing picks up, which hopefully it does.   It’s so much fun to have great party games like  Cards Against Humanity on hand but I also love to set up a good murder mystery (we do this at our large family gatherings) which can even be explained and assigned before guests arrive.  Either is definitely sure to end in laughter and that’s always the goal.  I would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!!! We entertain a lot and it’s always great to have new recommendations and ideas!