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A Romantic Night in Charleston

January 19, 2018

As I might have mentioned in this post, Will and I were sitting in the Ordinary celebrating our first anniversary on a trip to Charleston when we decided to take a chance and move here.  We were so drawn to the buzzing atmosphere and couldn’t believe the whole town wasn’t hibernating in the dead of winter (it was late January).   Even though we have had surprisingly chilly temperatures this week, it’s always lovely feeling to head out on a crisp winter’s night, bundled up in a coat but not too cold, and to feel the city hasn’t slowed at all.    We have made a point to start implementing date nights again because we love this feeling so much.  First stop was obviously the Ordinary!

I love dressing up for dinner and I wear a lot of black in the evening.  I think it’s simple, universally flattering and sexy.  You can never go wrong with a little black dress (and I collect them, I have a lot!) but on a chillier night, this sheer top and pair of trousers is a great option.  This top has been with me since college (and might have been lifted from my mother’s closet) and these trousers are great because they cinch at the waist and so are flattering and elongating, I love these ones and  here is another similar pair.  This coat is from my grandmother and is very warm!

The golden light pouring through the window is so dreamy and beautiful — it’s still one of my favorite places to stop for a drink in town.  We were celebrating our move into the office this week, which I can’t wait to show you more of.   We’re still camping out with very little furniture but it has the most beautiful light and great juju.   Of course, it has been so lovely to be able to divide our work time/family time although I need to focus on getting organized, I have been doing a lot of driving back and forth picking up things I left at home (like my laptop… ;).  Thank you to wonderful Nico for the snaps of us two!   xx