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3 Easy Ways to Rock a Sarong

May 30, 2018

I live in sarongs in the summertime — easy, versatile and such a fun way to wear pretty patterns, they are one of my favorite things to pick up here in France.    I will do a post on transitioning them from day to night but for now, I thought it would be fun to share three simple ways (the classic ways) to wear one.   First up, as a long skirt:

This is such an easy way to wear one all day long, just throw on a white tee shirt or a linen button down and some simple sandals and you’re ready for anything from the market to the bread run to wandering the tiny streets of a nearby village.   I do this at home in Charleston and here in France.   I try to wrap it all the way around and tie the corners together or else I just tuck one side in to the bottom of my bathing suit and then tuck the loose bit into the top of the wrap.

The next way is to tie it is as a dress.  I like to twist the two corners that I wrap around my neck to make more of a neckline.  You can clip it a bit in the back to make a more fitted silhouette or let it hang loose.   This is the easiest way to have full body coverage without needing anything else!

The last and probably my most used is to wear it folded in half as a shorter skirt with a big men’s white linen shirt.   This is the most comfortable way to me and ties the same as the first but gives you more flexibility in the legs and is a great way to go to lunch off the beach!