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First Glimpse of St. Tropez

May 29, 2018

We are staying in the South of France at our family home (my mother’s side).   One of our favorite nearby stops is St. Tropez, a lovely little town on the water.    It can be quite crowded in the summer months (July & August) but this time of year, it is relatively “quiet” by comparison.   One of our favorite things to do in St. Tropez is to head to the market which is on Saturday and Tuesday mornings from 7ish – 1:30 p.m.  — we try to arrive early to beat the crowd and the heat, and I will make sure to take lots of pictures next time we go to show you what is there.

The nice thing about heading in on a non-market day is that the city is even more quiet, and this is exactly what Will and I did yesterday after a rainy morning at the house.    We have been planning to write a guide to St. Tropez — what not to miss, etc. — while here, and so thought it the perfect day to hit the town and begin exploring our favorite shops and restaurants.   If you have been and have any favorites, please do let us know!

Of course we couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the the beautiful pastel buildings and blooming bougainvillea.    It is a particularly beautiful place to be at sunset when the warm light washes over the buildings and the sea is sparkly blue.   It was still very beautiful on this overcast day, too and it was fun to wear my “holiday” sweatshirt which I haven’t been able to peel myself out of — I saw another girl wearing it in town and we shared a wink! It’s a good one!

I’m really excited to visit this candle shop above, we were racing home when we stumbled across it because we had a big group for dinner.   A handful of our friends left this morning — sad — but we had such a fun time and were lucky that they made the trip.  More tomorrow! XXX!