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5 Guest Room Essentials

June 22, 2017

We love having friends and family to stay.   Charleston is such a destination city, we have attracted many visitors and there are periods in the year when our house is full every weekend!   There are a few things I always like to have on hand to make sure that our guest room is very comfortable and feels a touch luxurious.   These items are easy to find and don’t have to be expensive, and the extra effort is sure to make your guest feel very welcome.

A delicious candle. My absolute favorite are Feu de Beaumont candles — they are such a treat! NEST candles are our staple, I always get the Moroccan Amber unless it’s around the holidays — I also love their Christmas scents.  I also love Dyptique and anything Jo Malone.   My friend Julia gave me this candle recently and I love it!! I have selfishly saved it for my own room…

Lovely soaps and bubble bath (if applicable).  I adore Roger & Gallet for both — any scent!  My friend Olivia gave me this bubble bath as an early birthday present and it is divine.  Candies and water by the bed.  I like to leave chocolates, wrapped if possible, and a water bottle and glass by the bed.  This one is very pretty if it fits your color scheme, as is this.  Here is a more neutral version too.  I pick up some of the chocolate by the register at Trader Joe’s when I go and keep it in the cabinet for guests.

Soft towels and a fluffy robe.  I collect bathrobes — it’s a bit of an issue — so I always like to make sure that there is one per guest tucked away behind the bathroom door (or sitting on the bed should you not have an ensuite). Fresh flowers and fun magazines! I always have fresh flowers in the room and I love to grab some of the latest issues at the grocery store.  Vanity Fair is a great one for longer reads, but it’s also nice to pick up some fun, gossip magazines and invite your guests to totally kick back and indulge.