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Lazy Mornings in Lake Pajamas

June 20, 2017

Our last few mornings in France were long, lazy quiet ones.  We were just three in my Grandmother’s house and instead of racing around exploring, we took the time to really relax as a family and enjoy the sunshine, the hum of the cicadas, and leisurely late-morning naps.   When the baby went down for his morning sleep,  Will and I would enjoy our second (or third) cup of coffee, a second breakfast, and play cards or catch up on the computer.   For these last mornings, I lived in my Lake Pajamas.

I had a few pairs of the new Rivera collection for our trip; they felt fittingly European to me!   These pajamas are so unbelievably comfortable.  I spent the first 24 hours after our guests left wearing them (I did shower and change into a fresh pair!).  I couldn’t believe how wonderful they made me feel!  They are luxuriously soft and cut so well that they never scrunch in an unflattering way.  I had forgotten what a luxury it is to feel great in your pjs, and I can’t wait to give them as presents.  I love this French Blue short set and I also loved wearing the tank gown and long sleeved set which would also be perfect for cooler, New England summer nights.

It was so much fun to have a few days to just focus on being with the baby.   He thrives and is so relaxed and happy when it’s just the three of us; we took him swimming in both the pool and the sea, danced around on the terrace to his favorite music and showed him some new foods. He is now standing up totally on his own and on our last day, he figured out how to crawl up the (marble) stairs by himself — probably the perfect time to leave!